City in Epirus

Surrounded by the Ambracian Gulf to its east and the Ionian Sea to its west, this calm port-town has gorgeous sunsets, promenades, and walks.

Attractions & Things to Do in Preveza

Port of Preveza

Mainly a commercial port without any ferry boat connections that can accommodate sailing and tourist ships.

km 0

Venetian Clock & St. Charalampos Church

Church dedicated to the patron Saint of the city and its the belfry that also serves as a Clock Tower.

↙ SW
< 1km

Fort of St. Andrew of Preveza

The biggest among the six historical castles of the broader area that was in use until 1965 when it was announced as a preservable monument.

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< 1km

Roe Caviar of Preveza


This exclusive product of the Ambracian Gulf is considered as the Greek caviar.

Saitan Pazar Alley, Preveza

Picturesque stone-paved street in the center of Preveza, which took its name during the Ottoman period and means literally Devil's Bazaar.

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< 1km

Marina of Preveza

Well-functioning marina with contemporary facilities and good service. Local tourist companies offer daily excursions with cruise boats.

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< 1km

Sardines Festival of Preveza

«Giorti Sardelas»

Major feast of August, that celebrates the important product of the local economy.

Pantocrator Castle

Composing a unique landscape as it is built on a cape along the coast, while it is a large fortress erected by the Ottoman ruler Ali Pasha.

↙ SW
≈ 3km
The main building of Aktion - Preveza Airport at a picture taken from the runway of the airport.
photo: Alf van Beem

Aktion - Preveza Airport

A small regional airport which serves Preveza, Lefkada & a big part of the west coast. It's linked seasonally with many European airports.

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≈ 4.9km

Archaeological Museum of Nikopolis

A modern and large exhibition inaugurated in 2011, that hosts findings unearthed during the excavations at the ancient Roman city.

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≈ 5.4km

Archaeological Site of Nikopolis

A city founded by the first emperor of the Roman Empire Caesar Augustus as a reminder of the naval battle of Actium in 31 AD.

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≈ 8.2km


This island has everything. World-famous beaches, waterfalls and hike tracks, sunsets viewpoints, and historical sites. Where will you start?

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≈ 18.3km
The monument of Zalongo on the top of the cliff where the women of Souli committed a suicide.
photo: Andreas Papageorgiou / Pappasandreas

Monument of Zalongo

Referring to the legendary «Dance of Zalongo» and the sacrifice of the women of Souli who chose to die free instead of living in captivity.

↑ N
≈ 30.7km


A window to Byzantine Greece, this quiet town has churches dating back to the 12th century, stone arch bridges, and calming walks by the river.

↗ NE
≈ 40km

Necromanteion Acheron, Mesopotamos

As revealed by the literal meaning of its name, it's the Oracle of the Dead in the ancient Greek world.

↖ NW
≈ 50.7km

Questions & Answers about Preveza

Why Visit Preveza?
  • A city of the Greek mainland that offers the impression of being on an island.
  • The Ancient Nikopolis, is one of the largest Roman settlements of antiquity.
  • Combining beautiful landscape, long history, and rich local cuisine.