Surrounded by the Ambracian Gulf to its east and the Ionian Sea to its west, this calm port-town has gorgeous sunsets, promenades, and walks.

Preveza Attractions

The monument of Zalongo on the top of the cliff where the women of Souli committed suicide.
photo: Andreas Papageorgiou / Pappasandreas
hidden gem
distant ≈ 30.7km

Monument «Dance of Zalongo»

When the Ottomans were approaching to recapture their town, the women of Souli danced their way to the cliff to die free. It's many stairs till the monument.


St. Charalampos Church (Venetian Clock)

Church dedicated to the local patron Saint, St. Charalampos. Its belfry is the town's Clock Tower and was built in 1792.


Preveza Marina

A modern marina with excellent facilities and good service. Here you will find tour operators offering day trips with cruise boats.


Saitan Pazar Alley

Saitan Pazar in Turkish or Satan's market is a picturesque stone-paved street in the center of Preveza. This is where you want to eat.


Archaeological Site of Nikopolis

Emperor Augustus founded Nikopolis to commemorate his victory over Antonius and Cleopatra at Actium. Don't miss the biggest archeological site in Greece.

A dark corridor in the Necromanteion Acheron (Oracle of the Dead) in Mesopotamos.
distant ≈ 50.8km

Necromanteion Acheron


The ancient Oracle of the Dead is an otherworldly place. It overlooks river Acheron where the dead would meet the ferryman of Hades and cross into afterlife.


Pantocrator Castle

An abandoned Ottoman castle with an eerie feeling and beautiful views over the sea. It might be ideal for abandoned building photography.


Fort of Saint Andrew

The biggest among the six historic castles in Preveza region was in use until 1965. Today it lays in ruins retaining some of its former splendor.

Preveza Why visit?

  • Built in the mouth of a gulf.
  • Nearby Ancient Nikopolis was a large Roman city.
  • Its name root is either Slavic, Albanian, or Italian.

Preveza Things to Do


Roe Caviar of Preveza

In Preveza, you can enjoy this delicacy exclusive to the Ambracian Gulf, also called the Greek caviar (Avgotaraho).

Preveza Festivals

Sardines Festival of Preveza

Major feast in August that celebrates a historically important product for the local economy, sardines. Don't miss the grill!