City in Epirus

Surrounded by the Ambracian Gulf to its east and the Ionian Sea to its west, this calm port-town has gorgeous sunsets, promenades, and walks.

Preveza Attractions

A dark corridor in the Necromanteion Acheron (Oracle of the Dead) in Mesopotamos.
distant ≈ 50.8km

Necromanteion Acheron, Mesopotamos

As revealed by the literal meaning of its name, it's the Oracle of the Dead in the ancient Greek world.

The monument of Zalongo on the top of the cliff where the women of Souli committed suicide.
photo: Andreas Papageorgiou / Pappasandreas
hidden gem
distant ≈ 30.7km

Monument «Dance of Zalongo»

When the Ottomans were approaching to recapture their town, the women of Souli danced their way to the cliff to die free. It's many stairs till the monument.

Saitan Pazar Alley

Picturesque stone-paved street in the center of Preveza, which took its name during the Ottoman period and means literally Devil's Bazaar.

Pantocrator Castle

Composing a unique landscape as it is built on a cape along the coast, while it is a large fortress erected by the Ottoman ruler Ali Pasha.

Archaeological Site of Nikopolis

Emperor Augustus founded Nikopolis to commemorate his victory over Antonius and Cleopatra at Actium. Don't miss the biggest archeological site in Greece.

St. Charalampos Church (Venetian Clock)

Church dedicated to the patron Saint of the city and its the belfry that also serves as a Clock Tower.

Fort of Saint Andrew

The biggest among the six historical castles of the broader area that was in use until 1965 when it was announced as a preservable monument.

Port of Preveza

Mainly a commercial port without any ferry boat connections that can accommodate sailing and tourist ships.

Marina of Preveza

Well-functioning marina with contemporary facilities and good service. Local tourist companies offer daily excursions with cruise boats.

Preveza Things to Do

Roe Caviar of Preveza

This exclusive product of the Ambracian Gulf is considered as the Greek caviar (Avgotaraho).

Sardines Festival of Preveza

Major feast of August, that celebrates the important product of the local economy.

Preveza Museums

Preveza Day Trips


This island has everything. World-famous beaches, waterfalls and hike tracks, sunsets viewpoints, and historical sites. Where will you start?


A window to Byzantine Greece, this quiet town has churches dating back to the 12th century, stone arch bridges, and calming walks by the river.

Questions & Answers about Preveza

Why Visit Preveza?
  • A city of the Greek mainland that offers the impression of being on an island.
  • The Ancient Nikopolis, is one of the largest Roman settlements of antiquity.
  • Combining beautiful landscape, long history, and rich local cuisine.