One of the most charming places in Greece, Metsovo is a mountainous town with stone houses, numerous tracks for trekking, and artisanal food.

Metsovo Things to Do


Pindus National Park (Eastern Part)

Covered with snow even in spring, this is one of Greece's most magical places with wildlife, pristine nature, and soul-lifting views. Tons of adventure sports.


Flegga Lakes

Stunning mountainous lakes on the subalpine highlands of Valia Kalda, that can be reached through 3 different hiking trails.

A picture showing a part of the guided tour at Katogi Averoff Hotel & Winery in Metsovo.
photo: Dimkoa

Katogi Averoff Hotel & Winery

Fully-operating winery and 4-star hotel with an extraordinary wine bar that offers memorable wine-tasting experiences.


Anilio Ski Center

One out of the three ski areas of Metsovo. Its five lifts serve newbies and experienced skiers carrying each to the appropriate slope.


Metsovo (Prophet Elias) Ski Center

Prophet Elias is a family-friendly ski resort with artificial snow. Equipment rental, easy slopes, and also a place for entertainment.


Local Food in Metsovo

Come hungry! Metsovo's mountainous tradition is rich with products like cheese and wines, and recipes that will exalt your palate.

Metsovo Attractions


Koimiseos Theotokou Monastery

Monastery dedicated to Virgin Mary in an idyllic location. Great to walk there as it's only a 25 minutes walk from the center of the village.

The stone bridge of Portitsa with the canyon in the background.
hidden gem
distant ≈ 37.3km

Portitsa Bridge

Spilaio Grevena

At the entrance of Portitsa canyon, about 4 km from Spilaio village, you will find an arched stone bridge from the 18th century.

The main entrance of the main church of the monastery of the Assumption of Mary at Spilaio, Grevena.
distant ≈ 38.7km

Assumption of the Virgin Monastery


The church belonged to an old monastery founded in 1633. It is not open but, if you find yourself at Spilaio village, it's opportunity for excursion.


Metsovo Central Square and Stores

Numerous shopping opportunities at the stone-built boutiques that offer souvenirs, handiworks, and local products.


Averofeios Garden

Located no more that 10 minutes on foot from the center of the village, this relaxing place is ideal for families.


Watermill of Ginas

Taking advantage of the water power of Arachthos river, it was for centuries the major flour supplier of Metsovo.

Metsovo Why visit?

  • The largest town of Aromanians in Greece.
  • Aromanians or Vlachs are ethnically Romanian populations.
  • A person from Metsovo is called a Metsovite.