This is a cute modern city and an essential hub of northeastern Greece. Your experience here combines sea, mountain, and visiting a river's delta.

Alexandroupoli Beaches


Agios Sotiras Beach

Evros Delta

Agios Sotiras beach is sandy and has shallow waters. Located in a protected area with distinctive beauty, it's ideal for nature lovers.

Picture of the sandy Mesimvria beach taken from the sea.
distant ≈ 24.8km

Mesimvria Beach

Hop out of the car into the sea - well, almost. One of Thrace's most beautiful beaches with good odds of an incredible sunset, so stay till late.


Agios Georgios (Makri) Beach

Agios Georgios is a thick-sand-and-stones beach with clear waters. Enjoy drinks at the beach bar and food at the tavern. Just great!


Agia Paraskevi (Panorama) Beach

Makri Evros

A cosmopolitan, well-organized sandy beach of Alexandroupoli that attracts people of all ages. The beach-bar area can get really crowded.

A picture of the beach of Dikellon of Evros, including some umbrellas and sunbeds.
distant ≈ 22km

Paralia Dikellon Beach


Paralia Dikellon is a long thick-sand beach - partly organized, partly rough. Waters are clean but mind a few stones and rocks in the sea.

A part of the Marmaritsa beach at Rhodope among the steep cliffs of the area.
distant ≈ 41.1km

Marmaritsa Beach


A pristine place for meditative moments. Marmaritsa is a rock beach surrounded by rough boulders and cliffs. Accessible through a long dirt road.

A picture of straw umbrellas and sunbeds at the Kagkeles beach of Rhodope.
distant ≈ 45.1km

Kagkeles Beach


Pebble beach with deep and clear waters. It attracts mostly young people thanks to the beach bar. Fantastic views of Samothraki.


Nea Chili (Kalamaki) Beach

On Nea Chili shore, Kalamaki is the town's beach. It has clear waters, small pebbles, and a red-soil cliff which, for a Greek beach, is unusual.

+ 3 Alexandroupoli Beaches

Alexandroupoli Attractions


Cathedral of St. Nicholas

The Cathedral of St. Nicholas has impressive hagiography and ornamentation. It houses the holy relics of St. Nicholas and martyrs.


Lighthouse of Alexandroupoli

Located on the west side of the port, it's the town's emblematic landmark. With ice-cream vendors and lots of place to run, kids will love it.


St. Joseph Catholic Church

It hosts a Holy Mass periodically, but it is also used a concert venue thanks to its spectacular acoustics.

A panoramic picture showing the ancient theater of Maronia being restored.
photo: Ggia / CC BY-SA 3.0
distant ≈ 42.3km

Ancient City & Theatre of Maronia

On the way to the beach, you will stumble upon this theatre of an ancient rich city, Maronia, which is still to be discovered.

The remains of Apollo temple at the Archaeological Site of Mesimvria - Zone.
photo: Ggia / CC BY-SA 3.0
distant ≈ 27.9km

Archaeological Site of Mesimvria - Zoni

Ruins of an important ancient Samothracian colony that thrived on the 5th and the 4th century. It has a Sanctuary to Apollo and one to Demetra.


Avantas Castles

Avas Evros

The medieval fortress defended Avanta for centuries. You can ascend but the path is not fully maintained. Panoramic views will take your breath.

Alexandroupoli Why visit?

  • One of the newest Greek towns, founded just in 1875.
  • Near a delta and a wildlife habitat.
  • The last big town before Turkey.

Alexandroupoli Museums


Ethnological Museum of Thrace

Through its 500 exhibits from the last two centuries, the friendly staff of this museum will guide you through Thrace's recent history and traditions.

The exterior of the Museum of Sarakatsani in the village of Aisymi of Evros.
distant ≈ 28.6km

Sarakatsanoi Museum

Aisymi Evros

A museum dedicated to the traditions, life, and history of the Sarakatsani ethnic group. Its exhibits are mostly clothing items.


History Museum of Alexandroupolis

A worth-visiting museum that offers a broad picture of the town's historical evolution. Grab the handout guide at the entrance.


Ecclesiastical Museum of Alexandroupoli

It hosts distinctive artifacts of ecclesiastical art including vestments, liturgical utensils, wood-carved furniture, and other antiquities.


Alexandroupolis Natural History Museum

Cute small museum with a few items in display and focused on the experience of children visitors. It explores the area's biodiversity.