A religious and cultural crossroad where Christians and Muslims live harmoniously for centuries. The food in close-by Muslim villages is yummy.

A central pedestrian street of Komotini with boutiques and shop displays on both sides.
photo: Northwinter

Komotini Attractions

The arched stone bridge over Kompsatos river and hills covered by bushes in the background.
photo: Ggia / CC BY-SA 3.0
distant ≈ 23km

Byzantine Bridge of Kompsatos River


A scenic old stone bridge at the entrance to the wildlife refuge Poas-Dichalas. If you're on the Egnatia motorway, it deserves a shortstop.


Byzantine Fortress of Nymfaia

Remains of a Byzantine castle in Nymfaia forest. Not restored but a great opportunity for a journey in time with fantastic panoramic view.

A close-up of the Clock Tower of Komotini one of the landmarks of the city.
photo: Vsilverson

Tower Clock (Yeni Mosque)

Ottoman clock tower, gift of Sultan Abdul Hamid II to the town of Komotini. It stands next to the mosque and it's the town's landmark.

A panoramic picture showing the ancient theater of Maronia being restored.
photo: Ggia / CC BY-SA 3.0
distant ≈ 39.6km

Ancient City & Theatre of Maronia

On the way to the beach, you will stumble upon this theatre of an ancient rich city, Maronia, which is still to be discovered.

The remains of Apollo temple at the Archaeological Site of Mesimvria - Zone.
photo: Ggia / CC BY-SA 3.0
distant ≈ 48.4km

Archaeological Site of Mesimvria - Zoni

Ruins of an important ancient Samothracian colony that thrived on the 5th and the 4th century. It has a Sanctuary to Apollo and one to Demetra.


Irinis (Peace) Square

The central square of Komotini is a meeting place for locals. It's a beautiful place with trees and shade, and cafeterias.


Macedonian Tomb of Symvola

It is a small tomb for which little is known but that it dates from the Hellenistic period. Pretty basic but worth it if you are in the area.


Byzantine Walls of Komotini

What some call the Byzantine Walls dating back to the 4th century, are most probably the remnants of a 14th-century castle. Go have a look yourself.

Komotini Beaches

A picture showing a part of the Arogi Fanari Beach at the area of Rhodope.
distant ≈ 38.4km

Arogi Fanari Beach

Long, wide, and sandy, Arogi Fanari beach has bars that provide beanbags and loungers, and enjoys easy access to nearby villages.

A photo showing the waves breaking on the sandy beach of Mesis at Rhodope area.
distant ≈ 36.6km

Mesi Beach


Sandy beach with relatively shallow waters. Arogi and Mesi beaches are located between two lagoons full of birds. A blessed place.

A part of the Marmaritsa beach at Rhodope among the steep cliffs of the area.
distant ≈ 41.4km

Marmaritsa Beach


A pristine place for meditative moments. Marmaritsa is a rock beach surrounded by rough boulders and cliffs. Accessible through a long dirt road.

A photo showing the beach of Fanari Port of Rhodope by the tavernas and the buildings of the Fanari settlement.
photo: Ggia / CC BY-SA 3.0
distant ≈ 40.6km

Fanari Port Beach

A beach accessible to persons with disabilities. Never crowded, even that it is on the seafront of a small town. An unexpected experience.

A picture of straw umbrellas and sunbeds at the Kagkeles beach of Rhodope.
distant ≈ 37.9km

Kagkeles Beach


Pebble beach with deep and clear waters. It attracts mostly young people thanks to the beach bar. Fantastic views of Samothraki.

A picture showing partly the Imeros Beach at Maroneia and a part of Imeros port.
distant ≈ 28.6km

Imeros Rhodope Beach

Imeros is a wild sandy beach with shallow waters. It's close to a delta that attracts birds. A virgin-nature experience topped by a great sunset.

Aerial picture of Petrota beach, nearby areas overgrown with bushes, and a mountain in the background.
distant ≈ 45.4km

Petrota Beach

Petrota is a pristine, undeveloped, cliffside beach. Be mindful of sea urchins, and don't forget your mask and snorkel. Small beach bar present.

A picture of the rocky coast covered by bushes at Sinaxi beach, Rhodope.
distant ≈ 43.8km

Sinaxi Beach


The remote and peaceful Sinaxi beach has crystal-clear waters and accessible chiefly by sea. It attracts nature lovers and campers.

Komotini Why visit?

  • A youthful town with 10.000 students of the Democritus University of Thrace.
  • The town with most Muslims in Greece.
  • Soutzouk loukoum is a delicious sweet sausage, so to call it.

Komotini Museums


Folklore Museum of Komotini

A two-story structure that follows the patterns of folk architecture and houses an exhibition about Komotini of the past centuries.


Imaret - Ecclesiastical Museum of Komotini

One of the oldest surviving Ottoman monuments in Europe. It was built on top of a Christian church and today, it hosts an Ecclesiastical Museum.


Archaeological Museum of Komotini

Want to see the golden bust of Emperor Septimius Severus? It's housed in this small museum that displays exhibits mostly from 1000 BC to 300 AD.


Basketry Museum of the Roma


This exhibition is focused on basket making, a craft chiefly exercised by the Roma people. The exhibition includes baskets and items from all over the world.

Komotini Things to Do


St. Maximus of Kafsokalyvia Monastery


St Maximus is a new monastery. It's at Papikion, the place of an 11th-century monastic community. Great views. Ideal for religious visitors.


Nymfaia Forest

Enjoy a walk in this suburban forest for a breath of fresh air and relaxation or for training activities. Nice views. Family and pet friendly.