Xanthi's old town and its folklore museum are a window into the past. If you are here in February, you don't want to miss the town's carnival.

A panoramic view that includes the old and the contemporary town of Xanthi.
photo: taver / CC BY-ND 2.0

Xanthi Attractions

The arched stone bridge over Kompsatos river and hills covered by bushes in the background.
photo: Ggia / CC BY-SA 3.0
distant ≈ 38km

Byzantine Bridge of Kompsatos River


A scenic old stone bridge at the entrance to the wildlife refuge Poas-Dichalas. If you're on the Egnatia motorway, it deserves a shortstop.

A picture showing excavation findings and more specifically, sarcophagus at the cemetery of Abdera.
distant ≈ 34.4km

Archaeological Site of Ancient Abdera

In antiquity, Abdera was an important town. Today it lays in ruins. Better visit the museum first and the archaeological site right after.


Old City of Xanthi

The center of Xanthi has colorful buildings and mansions, antique shops, and cafes in a fairytale atmosphere full of history.

Xanthi Beaches

A picture showing a part of the Arogi Fanari Beach at the area of Rhodope.
distant ≈ 44.7km

Arogi Fanari Beach

Long, wide, and sandy, Arogi Fanari beach has bars that provide beanbags and loungers, and enjoys easy access to nearby villages.

A photo showing the waves breaking on the sandy beach of Mesis at Rhodope area.
distant ≈ 48.1km

Mesi Beach


Sandy beach with relatively shallow waters. Arogi and Mesi beaches are located between two lagoons full of birds. A blessed place.

A photo showing the beach of Fanari Port of Rhodope by the tavernas and the buildings of the Fanari settlement.
photo: Ggia / CC BY-SA 3.0
distant ≈ 40.2km

Fanari Port Beach

A beach accessible to persons with disabilities. Never crowded, even that it is on the seafront of a small town. An unexpected experience.

Xanthi Why visit?

  • Inhabited at least since the 11th century AD by Thracian tribes.
  • A rich tobacco-producing town since the 16th century.
  • Probably named after Amazon ruler Xanthi.

Xanthi Day Trips

A central pedestrian street of Komotini with boutiques and shop displays on both sides.
photo: Northwinter


A religious and cultural crossroad where Christians and Muslims live harmoniously for centuries. The food in close-by Muslim villages is yummy.