Α water-rich city famous also for its short film festival. Organize daily excursions to caves, trekking tracks, and archeological sites.

Drama Things to Do

Exterior view of the Panagia Eikosifoinissa Monastery with the main church and some of the surrounding buildings.
hidden gem
distant ≈ 28.8km

Monastery of Panagia Eikosifoinissa

This old monastery played an important role during the Greek revolution. You will find it surrounded by forests, a long drive up the mountain.

The artificial path of the visitable part of Aggitis Cave among numerous stalactites and stalagmites.
must visit
distant ≈ 30.5km

Cave Aggitis River


There aren't many places that offer you the possibility to visit an underground river. This is one of them - the underground springs of Aggitis river.

A photo showing plenty of stalagmites and stalactites formations.
must visit
distant ≈ 24.5km

Alistrati Cave

Slowly carved through limestone by the Aggitis river, this cave has subterranean formations that will amaze you. It's a kilometer long.

Picture of the Aggitis gorge including a flowing river, steep cliffs, and lush vegetation.
photo: Αλεξανδρίδης Ξενοφών
distant ≈ 24.2km
needs caution

Aggitis Gorge


The 15-kilometer impressive gorge where Aggitis river flows is a place or pristine nature, inner peace, and awe at nature's wonders.


Posidonio Water Park

A small water park with easy access and parking. Located around 15 km west of Drama in the village Prosotsani.

A panoramic picture of the snowy slopes and the facilities of the Falakro ski resort.
distant ≈ 25.8km

Falakro Ski Center

The winter sports resort attracts numerous guests who enjoy its modern facilities, the quality of snow here (with a bit of luck), and breath-taking views.

Drama Festivals

Oneiroupoli Christmas Park

Christmas park that sets Drama high on the list of winter destinations. It attracts guests from Greece and not only. The children will love it!

Short Film Festival of Drama

The Short Film Festival of Drama attracts filmmakers, artists, and guests from many different countries.

A contemporary ancient drama performance during the summer Philippi Festival.
distant ≈ 27.3km

Philippi Festival

A cultural festival with concerts and performances held in an ancient theater. Plays are mostly in Greek but do not let this deter you from visiting.

Drama Why visit?

  • Falakro, the Bald mountain, dominates its skyline.
  • Pristine nature destinations are just a few kilometers away.
  • The Short Film Festival is Drama's most prestigious cultural event.
  • Surrounded by forests, springs, and rivers.

Drama Day Trips


A coastal city that stands out for its fantastic hilltop views. Its cute old town and a number of nearby historical monuments await your visit.

Drama Beaches

An aerial photo of Nea Iraklitsa Beach with numerous umbrellas lined up and a blue sea.
distant ≈ 47.2km

Nea Iraklitsa Beach

Nea Iraklitsa is a long fine-sand beach with beach bars, easy access and accommodation options, and a beautiful view to Fidonisi islet.