The doorway to the second largest Greek island, Evia, this little town's promenade is enjoyable, as are numerous points of historical interest.

Chalkida Attractions

Old Bridge of Chalkida

Sliding bridge constructed in 1962, it is the trademark that connects the two parts of the city.

An overview of the seafront promenade of Chalkida with a yacht and some smaller boats anchored by the coast.
photo: Luu

Waterfront of Chalkida

The meeting point for the city that hosts restaurants & cafeterias, while it serves mainly as a central square especially during the summer.

Karababa Castle

Standing on Kanithos hill, it was built by the Turks in 1684, but it reminds European fortifications since it was designed by a Venetian architect.

Red House (Maliou Family)

Municipality owned distinctive mansion that is located at the northern part of the seafront promenade of Chalkida, and dates from 1884.

Roman Aqueduct (Arches)

A water-supply project, that was built by the Romans and renovated by Venetians and Turks. Locally referred as «Kamáres».

Monument of National Resistance

At the city seafront promenade stands the statue of the Greek resistance between 1941 and 1944.

A picture depicting the exterior of Agia Paraskevi Church in Chalkida.
hidden gem

Saint Paraskevi Church

Dedicated to the city's patron Saint, it was built by the Latin Church during the Frankish occupation in the distinctive Gothic architecture.

St. Demetrius Orthodox Church

The city cathedral located at the renovated St. Demetrius square and built in 1837 just after the city's liberation from the Turks.

Lyceum «The house with the statues»

Impressive mansion at the seafront promenade of the city, famous for the four clay statues on its roof.

Private speed boats anchored in Bourkari Marina of Chalkida.

Marina of Bourkari, Chalkida

A wind-protected small marina that hosts numerous fishing and sailing boats, while it’s an ideal place for a promenade.

Chalkida Things to Do

Chalkida Museums

Archaeological Museum of Chalkida

The old Archaeological Museum is a neoclassical structure that dates from the early-20th century and hosts findings from the Evia region.

Emir Zade Mosque

Well-preserved Muslim temple built during the Ottoman period at the end of the 15th century, standing at the central square of Chalkida.

Chalkida Day Trips

Eretria Evia

One of the most ancient towns in Greece, Eretria is a family-friendly destination with tons of antiquities, a seaside walkway, and a long sandy beach.

The Metropolitan Church of Amarynthos dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
distant ≈ 37.5km

Amarynthos (Vathia), Evia

Coastal village eastern of Eretria that is famous for its picturesque tavernas and the good food including the excellent local fish.

Questions & Answers about Chalkida

Why Visit Chalkida?
  • Waters change direction every 6 hours due to a tidal phenomenon in Euripus Strait.
  • The "crazy-waters" city is among the favorite weekend destinations of Athenians.
  • 2 bridges connect the second-largest Greek island, Evia with the mainland.