The doorway to the second largest Greek island, Evia, this little town's promenade is enjoyable, as are numerous points of historical interest.

Attractions & Things to Do in Chalkida

An overview of the seafront promenade of Chalkida with a yacht and some smaller boats anchored by the coast.
photo: Luu

Promenade of Chalkida

The meeting point for the city that hosts restaurants & cafeterias, while it serves mainly as a central square especially during the summer.

km 0

Old Bridge of Chalkida


Sliding bridge constructed in 1962, it is the trademark that connects the two parts of the city.

↙ SW
< 1km

Monument of National Resistance

At the city seafront promenade stands the statue of the Greek resistance between 1941 and 1944.

↗ NE
< 1km

Emir Zade Mosque

Well-preserved Muslim temple built during the Ottoman period at the end of the 15th century, standing at the central square of Chalkida.

↓ S
< 1km

Archaeological Museum of Chalkida

The old Archaeological Museum is a neoclassical structure that dates from the early-20th century and hosts findings from the Evia region.

→ E
< 1km

St. Paraskevi Church of Chalkida

Dedicated to the city's patron Saint, it was built by the Latin Church during the Frankish occupation in the distinctive Gothic architecture.

↓ S
< 1km

St. Demetrius Church

The city cathedral located at the renovated St. Demetrius square and built in 1837 just after the city's liberation from the Turks.

→ E
< 1km

Karababa Castle, Xirovrisi

Standing on Kanithos hill, it was built by the Turks in 1684, but it reminds European fortifications since it was designed by a Venetian architect.

← W
< 1km

The House with the Statues (Lyceum)

Impressive mansion at the seafront promenade of the city, famous for the four clay statues on its roof.

↗ NE
< 1km

Red House of Maliou Family

Municipality owned distinctive mansion that is located at the northern part of the seafront promenade of Chalkida, and dates from 1884.

↗ NE
< 1km
Private speed boats anchored in Bourkari Marina of Chalkida.

Marina of Bourkari, Chalkida

A wind-protected small marina that hosts numerous fishing and sailing boats, while it’s an ideal place for a promenade.

↓ S
≈ 1.1km

Roman Aqueduct of Chalkida


A water-supply project, that was built by the Romans and renovated by Venetians and Turks.

→ E
≈ 2.5km

Eretria Evia

One of the most ancient towns in Greece, Eretria is a family-friendly destination with tons of antiquities, a seaside walkway, and a long sandy beach.

↘ SE
≈ 25.9km

Amarynthos (Vathia), Evia

Coastal village eastern of Eretria that is famous for its picturesque tavernas and the good food including the excellent local fish.

→ E
≈ 37.5km
Crowd in front of the stage of the Rockwave Festival at TerraVibe park in Malakasa.
photo: Thaliapap

Rockwave Festival, TerraVibe Malakasa

One of the most well-known Greek music festivals that attracts world-class famous rock bands.

↘ SE
≈ 44.6km

Questions & Answers about Chalkida

Why Visit Chalkida?
  • Waters change direction every 6 hours due to a tidal phenomenon in Euripus Strait.
  • The "crazy-waters" city is among the favorite weekend destinations of Athenians.
  • 2 bridges connect the second-largest Greek island, Evia with the mainland.