The gateway to the second largest Greek island, Evia, this little town's promenade is enjoyable, as are its numerous points of historical interest.

Chalkida Attractions

A picture depicting the exterior of Agia Paraskevi Church in Chalkida.
hidden gem

Saint Paraskevi Church

Dedicated to the city's patron Saint, it was built by the Catholics in the distinctive Gothic architecture during the Frankish occupation .


Old Bridge of Chalkida

This sliding bridge is Chalkida's trademark. The water running below is actually the shift between rising or falling tide.

A high bridge with two main pillars and two rows of wire cables on each side at Evripos, Evia.
photo: stefg74 / CC BY 2.0

High Bridge Evripos

The bridge of Evripos connects Evia, technically an island, with mainland Greece. It's big in comparison to the surroundings and so, it stands out.

An overview of the seafront promenade of Chalkida with a yacht and some smaller boats anchored by the coast.
photo: Luu

Waterfront of Chalkida

The waterfront promenade of Chalkida is like a central square. It has restaurants and cafeterias, and ample space for walks.


St. Demetrius Orthodox Church

The cathedral is at the renovated St. Demetrius square. It was built in 1837, just after the town's liberation from the Ottomans.


Red House (Maliou Family)

It is said that this distinctive mansion is the oldest building in Chalkida. Hopefully, there are art events when you visit.


Karababa Castle

The Ottomans built it but a Venetian architect designed it, and so its style resembles European forts. A very peaceful place on Kanithos hill.


Monument of National Resistance

At the city seafront promenade stands a statue commemorating the Greek resistance to Nazi occupation between 1941 and 1944.

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Chalkida Day Trips

Eretria Evia

One of the most ancient towns in Greece, Eretria is a family-friendly destination with tons of antiquities, a seaside walkway, and a long sandy beach.

The Metropolitan Church of Amarynthos dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
distant ≈ 37.5km

Amarynthos (Vathia)


Amarynthos (or Vathia) is a coastal village to the east of Eretria, famous for its tavernas and quality food, in particular fish barbeques.

Chalkida Why visit?

  • Every six hours, tides change direction under the bridge.
  • Top weekend destination for Athenians.
  • Two bridges connect the second-largest Greek island, Evia, with the mainland.

Chalkida Museums


Archaeological Museum of Chalkida

The Archaeological Museum of Chalkida is a small exhibition of ancient statues, pottery, jewelry and weapons - all found in Evia.


Emir Zade Mosque

A mosque built around the end of the 15th century. If you bump into it, check whether it's open, as it hosts an interesting museum.

Chalkida Festivals

Crowd in front of the stage of the Rockwave Festival at TerraVibe park in Malakasa.
photo: Thaliapap
distant ≈ 44.6km
temp. closed

Rockwave Festival

TerraVibe Malakasa

A few kilometers out of Athens, this rock music festival attracts world-class famous bands. It is the biggest music festival in Greece.