Eretria Evia

One of the most ancient towns in Greece, Eretria is a family-friendly destination with tons of antiquities, a seaside walkway, and a long sandy beach.

Attractions & Things to Do in Eretria Evia

Promenade of Eretria

«Archeou Theatrou»

Paved seafront & center of summer social life that hosts numerous tavernas, cafés, & bars.

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Temple of Isis

Temple founded during the 4th century BC that is dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Isis. That confirms the trading relations of that era.

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< 1km
The ferry boat embankment spot at the Port of Eretria.
photo: Jebulon

Port of Eretria, Evia

It serves the ferry boat connection between Eretria & Skala Oropou. A 20-minute trip that during the summer takes place every 30 minutes.

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< 1km

Beach of Eretria, Evia

On the east coast of the settlement is located the homonymous long sandy beach that even offers some shadow with the series of palm trees.

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< 1km

Temple of Apollo Daphnephoros

Situated in the core of the ancient city of Eretria, it was a religious center and the main place of worshiping during the centuries.

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< 1km
A small fishing boat anchored at the marina of Eretria on Evia island.
photo: Jebulon

Marina of Eretria, Evia


Small port on the east side of the city with numerous fishing ships. Located on the “island of dreams” that can be reached on foot from the town.

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< 1km

House of Mosaics

Ancient private house of 625 m² erected in 370 BC and destroyed by fire in the 3rd century BC. Visitable and close to the information office.

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≈ 1.1km
An exhibit of the Archaeological Museum of Eretria depicting a clay-head of a woman dating from ca.500 BCE.
photo: Jebulon

Archaeological Museum of Eretria

After a series of improvements in 1991, it includes numerous local excavation artifacts from the Early Bronze Age until the Roman times.

↖ NW
≈ 1.2km
A picture of the Ancient Theatre of Eretria that is behind the fence and below the trees surrounding the site.
photo: George E. Koronaios

Ancient Theatre of Eretria

Constructed in the 5th century BC, it is probably the most famous monument of the ancient city that is under significant maintenance efforts.

↖ NW
≈ 1.4km

Kastelli Hill (Acropolis of Eretria)

Apart from the stunning view, Kastelli Hill hosts remains of the ancient acropolis including fortifications and a temple of Goddess Athena.

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≈ 1.8km

Venetian Tower in Agia Triada Island

Located on a private island, opposite to Eretria, owned by the Papanikolaou family is visible either by boat or from the city coast.

↘ SE
≈ 2.2km

Mount Olympus of Evia

A 10 kilometers mountainous range that has its highest peak at an altitude of 1.171 meters and is covered to a great extent by pine forest.

Amarynthos (Vathia), Evia

Coastal village eastern of Eretria that is famous for its picturesque tavernas and the good food including the excellent local fish.

→ E
≈ 10.7km
Crowd in front of the stage of the Rockwave Festival at TerraVibe park in Malakasa.
photo: Thaliapap

Rockwave Festival, TerraVibe Malakasa

One of the most well-known Greek music festivals that attracts world-class famous rock bands.

↓ S
≈ 25km


The doorway to the second largest Greek island, Evia, this little town's promenade is enjoyable, as are numerous points of historical interest.

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≈ 25.1km

St. Demetrius Church, Avlonari

Byzantine church from the 13th century AD, located at the settlement Chània, just 1 km away from the picturesque village of Avlonari.

↗ NE
≈ 41.8km

Archaeological Site in Viglatouri Hill

About 3 kilometers from the sea, remains of the ancient settlement that thrived during the 8th century BC cover the biggest part of the hill.

↗ NE
≈ 47.1km

Schinias Beach, Marathon Attica

Sandy & very shallow long beach that is ideal for families. It is close to the historical city of Marathon and to the homonymous national park.

↘ SE
≈ 48.4km

Manikiatis Stream

River of Evia which has its springs at Kserovouni Mountain and flows into the Aegean Sea to the east covering a distance of 25 kilometers.

Questions & Answers about Eretria Evia

Why Visit Eretria Evia?
  • Ancient naval power, its name means literally the "City of the Rowers".
  • Located at the western coast has a view of the southern Gulf of Evia.
  • Notable ancient city abandoned in 1 BC and refounded in 1824.