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Town in Central Greece

Central square and town hall of Karpenisi with other buildings built amphitheatrically in the background.
photo: Sogal. / CC BY-SA 3.0

Attractions, Sights & Things to Do in or near Karpenisi

Central Square of Karpenisi

Famous for the shadow provided by the plane trees during the summer season as well as for the nice coffee offered by the local cafeterias.

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Church of St. Demetriοs, Karpenisi

Situated on a spot that offers the greatest view of the whole city, a chapel that gives its name to the hill where it is located.

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≈ 1.6km
The high trees and the dense vegetation of Kefalovriso Park as well as the building of a small taverna.
photo: eyrytixn

Kefalovriso Park & Monument, Karpenisi

A beautiful recreation area close to Karpenisi, but also a place where an important battle took place.

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≈ 3.1km
One of the park's riding horses and the main entrance at the cafeteria of Saloon Park in Karpenisi.
photo: Saloon Park

«Saloon Park», Karpenisi

Apart from its incredible cafeteria, it offers a series of exciting activities like riding, aerial railway, climbing as well as archery.

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≈ 3.4km

Velouchi Ski Center / Resort

Among the oldest Ski Resorts in the Greek territory is well-known for its great quality of snow and the quite extended skiing season.

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≈ 4.5km

Korischades, Karpenisi

Even if it is located 10 minutes from Karpenisi city, this historical village defines a typical rural mountainous settlement of the area.

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≈ 4.6km

Mikro Chorio, Potamia Evritanias

Picturesque traditional settlements located at the foothills of Chelidona mountain, in an idyllic landscape of dense vegetation.

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≈ 13.5km

Fish Farm «Frésko», Gavros Karpenisi

Combining a visit to a modern fish farm with gastronomy tasting and buying fresh fish products.

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≈ 15km

Megalo Chorio, Potamia Evritanias

In the heart of the Eyritania region, a traditional-built settlement famous for its square, its cuisine, and its mountainous clean air.

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≈ 15.1km
An overview of the Kremasta Lake with its small islands created as well as the surrounding mountains.
photo: Agnee / CC BY 2.0

Lake Kremasta

« Limni Kremaston »

Result of the construction of the hydroelectric dam that gave electricity to Greece during the '60s.

«Panta Vrechei» Gorge

One of the most famous river trekking trails in Greece, with cinematic sceneries composed in the deep mountainous forests of Evritania.

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≈ 25km

Manolis Bridge in Agrafiotis River

Arched stone-bridge that is not in use since 1964, when the construction of the Kremasta dam covered it with waters of the homonymous lake.

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≈ 29.9km

Prousou Monastery

Giving the impression that it hangs from the rock, it hosts an icon of the Virgin Mary that is considered to be painted by Evangelist Luke.

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≈ 30.8km

Rentina Agrafon, Sofades

Well-known for the traditional architecture, the rich history, and its significant role during the national liberation struggles of Greece.

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≈ 32km

Questions & Answers about Karpenisi

Why Visit Karpenisi?
  • Called "Little Switzerland of Greece" because of its Alpine scenery.
  • Modern facilities and amazing environment evolve it to a lifestyle destination.
  • 1st in Europe and 5th city worldwide in clean atmosphere according to UNESCO.
Why Karpenisi is called the "Little Switzerland of Greece"?

Karpenisi is a Greek city is situated at an altitude of 960 meters (3,150 feet) on the slopes of Mount Tymfistos. It is the capital of the prefecture and the only urban center in the county. Its distance from Athens is 295 km (183 miles), from Thessaloniki 370 km (230 miles), while from Lamia is just 75km (47 miles) away. It's a small town, surrounded by majestic mountains covered with fir. The stunning natural scenery makes it one of the most beautiful towns in the country and often referred to as the "Little Switzerland of Greece" because of the Alpine scenery.

What is the treasure of Karpenisi?

The town's history begins in ancient times and it is assumed that in the region there were many scattered settlements on the outskirts of today's town. One of them hosted the famous "Karpenisi Treasure", which consists of 35 masterpieces of Hellenistic goldsmiths. The findings date from the 4th to the 2nd century BC and included in the exhibition of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. All the artifacts were associated with female adornment.

Who the settlement location has been chosen?

According to local tradition, the first settlers of Karpenisi chose this ideal spot by cutting three pieces of meat and placed them in three different areas. After a few days, they returned and checked on them. One of the three pieces, that was placed in the area that today is the church of Agia Paraskevi was in advanced decay, indicating that the place is sheltered and warm. Thus, according to legend, this way they chose to build their first homes.

How was Karpenisi during the Ottoman Era?

During the Ottoman occupation, it developed economically because of the agricultural and livestock. From 1645 to 1814 the Karpenisi School for higher education founded by the great Teacher Evyenios Giannoulis and evolved into a major teaching center. The inaccessibility of the area favored the presence of gangs and thieves, while uprisings erupted frequently throughout the Ottoman rule until 1821 when under the leadership of Giodaseoi and Vraskas, the city was liberated.

What is Karpenisi today?

Today the Greek city of Karpenissi has established itself as a popular tourist destination, especially in winter. It has a ski center and modern tourist infrastructure that promise quality vacation and relaxation to nature lovers and not only.