Are you visiting Athens during winter? Close to Greece's most well-organized ski resort, Arachoba is Athenians' favorite winter resort town.

Arachova Things to Do

The Byzantine Monastery of Osios Loukas built with brown and white stone under a blue sky.
photo: Andy Hay / CC BY 2.0
must visit
distant ≈ 23.6km

Osios Loukas Monastery

An impressive Byzantine monastery and UNESCO World Heritage with unimaginably well-preserved mosaics. Prepare for a soul-soothing visit.


Mount Parnassus National Park

Sacred to Apollo and home of the Muses, Mount Parnassus has hiking trails with phenomenal views, pristine nature, and traditional villages.


Corycian Cave

Shrouded in mystery, the Corycian Cave, home of Nymphs and God Pan, has a mythical energy. Findings show that it has been used for millennia.


Parnassos Ski Centre

With a total length of runs of 36 km, this ski resort is located just 180km away from Athens on an open terrain offering spectacular views.


Cheeses of Arachova

Local dairy producers keep alive centuries-old traditions and make artisanal cheeses of high-quality, some of which are exported.

Arachova Attractions


Church St. George

You won't find any blood stains here anymore but on the 264 stairs of this church a battle of the Greek Independence War took place.

A photo taken from the Viewpoint of Arachova that shows the town on the mountain's slope.
photo: Costas78

┬ź#Arachova┬╗ Sign & Viewpoint

A fantastic spot for depth-of-field pictures thanks to a magnificent view over Arachova and distant mountains. Enjoy it around sunset time.

The Mausoleum of Distomo is a minimalist contemporary monument built with grey stones.
photo: Agnee / CC BY 2.0

Distomo Mausoleum

In 1944, the Nazis executed hundreds of Distomo civilians, among them babies and children. The Distomo Mausoleum pays tribute to the victims.


Clock Tower of Arachova

The stone-built landmark stands imposing on a rock. It's excellent for pictures under different lights and aspects.


Arachova's Battle Memorial of Karaiskakis

This monument is dedicated to a heroic general of the struggle of independence, Karaiskakis, who battled victoriously here against the Ottomans.

Arachova Why visit?

  • The most popular winter destination in Greece.
  • Stone, wood, and ceramics.
  • A key battle of the Greek War of Independence took place here.

Arachova Day Trips

Ancient Delphi

The preeminent Oracle of Greek antiquity where a high priestess Pythia would mumble words to be interpreted by Apollo's priests. Enjoy the scenic drive.

Distomo's tiled roofs make an brown-orange oasis among hill tops.
photo: Andy Hay / CC BY 2.0

Distomo Town

After a scenic drive, you arrive at Distomo, a beautiful mountainous village, still scarred by the massacre of its population by Nazis.

Arachova Festivals

Fair of Arachova

The "Panigyraki" as it's called locally is a distinctive festival of St. George who according to the legend assisted in the battle against the Ottomans.