The island's northern part is blossom green, while the southern is a rather rocky place. Spend time on the beach, and if offered honey, take it.

An overview of the Chora (main village) of Skyros.
photo: Agnee / CC BY 2.0

Skyros Attractions


Agios Nikolaos Church at Pouria


Want to see something new? Laying just three kilometers away from Chora, this remarkable chapel was carved out of a big rock and painted in white.


Monastery of Agios Georgios

At Skyros town highest point, the 963AD monastery will lift up in heavens. Note the extremely rare hagiography of a dismounted St George.

Rupert Brooke's white-marble tomb is fenced and surrounded by olive trees and rocks.
photo: Han borg

Rupert Brooke's Grave

The tomb of British poet Rupert Brooke, an officer of the British Navy. He died in Skyros on his way to Gallipoli in 1915.

Skyros Things to Do


The Pony of Skyros (Mouries Farm)

This farm takes care of small horses which are endemic to Skyros. They can carry up to 40kg - that is, the weight of a little child.


Pentekali & Diatripti Sea Caves

Caves accessible only by boat cruises. Include them in your schedule for a dive in crystal clear waters, and bring your mask and snorkel.

Skyros Why visit?

  • Minotaur-slayer Theseus was pushed from a cliff on this island.
  • Achilles had a son in Skyros. Several traditions mention Achilles.
  • Athenians defeated Skyrians and forced them into alliance.

Skyros Museums


«Faltaits» Ethnological & Folklore Museum

In this museum you can visit the island's contemporary history through old scripts and houseware. It is worth visiting and hiring a guide.


Archaeological Museum of Skyros

Small museum exhibiting findings from the island from thousands of years ago. It also has a room designed as an old Skyrian house.

Skyros Settlements

Chora of Skyros

The picturesque island capital built amphitheatrically on a rocky hill that provided for centuries protection against pirate attacks.

Skyros Festivals

Inhabitants of Skyros Island in traditional clothes are dancing in the center of the village.
photo: ΛΦΠ / CC BY-SA 3.0

Carnival in Skyros

A traditional celebration with extraordinary disguises, and satirical performances, revealing the island's relation with pre-Christian feasts.