Kymi Evia

You can take it easy in this quiet town and enjoy the beach. Traditional mansions belonging to captains show the town's reliance on maritime activity.

An impressive mansion that served as the Town Hall of Kymi.
photo: C messier / CC BY 3.0

Kymi Evia Attractions


Saint Demetrius Church

Avlonari Evia

You should take a look at the little church and let it work on you. Magnificent interior. It is built on top of an ancient temple to Artemis (Diana).


Church of Panayia Liaoutsianissa

The 1849 church dedicated to Virgin Mary has three domes and other distinctive architectural features. The pilgrimage is on August 15.


Archaeological Site in Viglatouri

The ruins of an ancient town that thrived in the 8th century BC occupy the whole hill outside Viglatouri. No signage, hard to understand what you see.

Some tables at the central square of Kymi and the surrounding cafeterias and restaurants.
photo: C messier

Town Square of Kymi

Kymi's town square is the place to enjoy an ice coffee under sunny skies with sea view. Vibrant at night with people of all ages.


Papanikolaou's House

Family home of the researcher, scientist and pioneer who invented the Pap smear, a method of cervical screening that has saved many lives.

Kymi Evia Things to Do


Metamorfosis Sotiros Monastery

Convent dedicated to Jesus' Τransfiguration founded by Mount Athos monks in the 16th century. A peaceful place with an enchanting landscape.


Manikiatis River

Manikiatis river springs from Kserovouni, oddly named 'the dry mountain'. A 50-minute hike trail leads to a 15-meter waterfall.

Kymi Evia Why visit?

  • Birthplace of doctor and medical innovator George N. Papanikolaou.
  • Kymi was the daughter of Amazon Lamia and Poseidon.
  • The town's name means "wave" according to geographer Strabo.

Kymi Evia Day Trips

The Metropolitan Church of Amarynthos dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
distant ≈ 46km

Amarynthos (Vathia)


Amarynthos (or Vathia) is a coastal village to the east of Eretria, famous for its tavernas and quality food, in particular fish barbeques.

Paralia Kimis


In short distance from the village, Paralia is Kimi's port and sea resort with many restaurants and a beautiful promenade.

Kymi Evia Museums

The exterior of the neoclassical building that hosts the Folklore Museum of Kymi.
photo: C messier

Folklore Museum of Kymi

A fascinating museum. Here you spend time learning about Kymi's history through hundreds of exhibits like silk clothing and embroidery.