Karystos Evia

Karystos combines waterfalls and mountains with fishing villages and historical sites in a remote and picturesque destination in southern Evia.

The promenade of Karystos with some small boats in the sea and the snowy peak of Ochi mountain in the background.
photo: NH53 / CC BY 2.0

Karystos Evia Attractions


Dragon's House in Mount Ochi

The Dragon's House was a probably sanctuary to Zeus and Hera from 5th to 1st century BC. Hiking all the way up is a once in a life experience.

A picture of the Boutzi of Karystos at the edge of the coast.
photo: Jebulon

Bourtzi Castle of Karystos

Probably the most impressive attraction of the seafront promenade is a two-storey, hexagonal fortification erected in 1350 by the Venetians.

The front side of the cathedral of St. Nikolaos in Karystos with its blue domes.
photo: NH53 / CC BY 2.0

Saint Nicholas Church

Cathedral dedicated to the patron Saint of Karystos. It dates from the second half of the 19th century. If you encounter it, stop by for a short visit.


Karystos Marina

The view of anchored sailing and fishing boats, and the fish tavernas at the promenade compose island vibes.

A photo taken outside the Castello Rosso of Karystos and shows a part of the walls.
photo: Jebulon

Castello Rosso (Kokkinokastro)

Medieval fortification that was built in the 1200s by the Lombard administration. It's hard to reach up there, so better enjoy its view from afar.

Karystos Evia Things to Do


Agia Pelagia Church (Islet)

Located to the east of Karystos bay, Agia Pelagia is a picturesque islet with a chapel accessible by raft from the nearby beaches.


Waterfall of Platanistos (Bridge of Lovers)

On your way to Karystos, stop at Platanistos waterfall and jump into the fresh water. Have lunch on the wooden tables and enjoy the nature.


Hiking on Mount Ochi

Climbing the 1400 meters of Ochi will be memorable. On the way, you encounter waters, forests, and prehistoric houses in good condition. Insane!

A small waterfall in the Dimosari Gorge close to Karystos among grey granite.
needs caution

Dimosari Gorge

Lenosei Evia

The Dimosari Gorge is a 10 kilometers exciting hiking trail through lush forest by running waters. If you're lucky, you may encounters wildlife.

An overview of the Cape Cavo D'Oro with waves crashing on the shore.
distant ≈ 29.1km

Cape Cavo D'Oro

Cape Caphereus is notoriously known for its harsh weather and its numerous shipwrecks. Better approach it from land via the trail in spring or autumn.

Karystos Evia Why visit?

  • A fascinating landscape combining sea and mountain.
  • Carystus or Karystos was famous for its marble quarries.
  • Apollo Marmarinus the god of marble, had a sanctuary.

Karystos Evia Museums


Archaeological Museum of Karystos

The Archaeological Museum of Karystos hosts local excavation findings. It has only two rooms and cheap entrance. Worth a quick visit.