Pyrgos, Elis

City in West Greece

With ancient Olympia within arms' reach, here you will enjoy a serene atmosphere. The digital mythological park will excite children and adults alike.

Pyrgos, Elis Attractions

Church of Agios Nikolaos

Located at Eparhio square, it is the metropolitan and the biggest church of the city, while it was inaugurated in 1906.

Agia Kyriaki Church

The oldest church of Pyrgos located very close to the central square of the city, stands for its distinctive gothic architectural style.

Pyrgos Town Hall

Dominating the central square of the city, it was founded in 1985 after the donation of the shipowner Giannis Latsis who was born in Katakolo.

Eparhio Hill

Main park of Pyrgos located at the edge of the central city square. It's ideal for a family picnic and offers views to the city and the sea.

Pyrgos, Elis Things to Do

The exterior of the neoclassical building that hosts the Apollo Theater of Pyrgos.
temp. closed

Apollo Theater

Founded in 1879, it is housed in a neoclassical building that hosts theatrical performances as well as other artistic and cultural events.

Panayia Kremasti Monastery

Impressive convent of the 17th century built on a steep rock and dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

An photo showing the external part and the walls of the Skafidia Monastery.
photo: Kolchak1923

Skafidia Monastery

Historical convent that was founded around the 10th century in an area of excess natural beauty and dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

«Mercouri Estate» Winery, Korakochori

One of the oldest Greek wineries dating from 1864 that stands for its museum of the history of winemaking and its old stone-built facilities.

Theme Park «Legends Of Greek Mythology»

Contemporary digital museum ideal for families with children that is unfortunately currently closed.

Pyrgos, Elis Museums

Archaeological Museum of Pyrgos - Old Market

Housed in a building designed by Ernst Ziller, it served as the old municipal market until the '60s and was inaugurated as a museum in 2013.

Pyrgos, Elis Day Trips

Ancient Olympia

The birthplace of the Olympic Games and Zeus' sanctuary, here you should visit museums, wander around the ruins, and run in the ancient stadium.

Katakolo Port Town

Small and picturesque settlement dominated by its famous tourist port that is approached by numerous cruise ships on an annual basis.

Questions & Answers about Pyrgos, Elis

Why Visit Pyrgos, Elis?
  • Located on the mainland, its official port is Katakolo nearly 14 km away.
  • With many facilities, it can be the base for excursions in eastern Peloponnese.
  • Impressive buildings of the famous architect Ernst Ziller dominate the city center.