Pyrgos Elis

With ancient Olympia within arms' reach, here you will enjoy a serene atmosphere. The digital mythological park will excite children and adults alike.

Pyrgos Elis Things to Do


Panayia Kremasti Monastery

Impressive 17th-century convent built on a rock's edge. Its serenity, piety and great views will elevate your spirit closer to Heavens.

The Skafidia Monastery, like a small medieval castle, in a lush-green area.
photo: Kolchak1923

Skafidia Monastery

A historic convent founded in the 10th century in a gorgeous area full of flowers. Somehow curiously, a time portal to medieval Greece.


«Mercouri Estate» Winery


The Mercouri Estate hosts a wine-making museum and wine-tasting sessions in its old stone-built facilities. It makes wine since 1864.

The neoclassical building of Pyrgos' Apollo Theater is painted in shades of pink and crowned by a light-blue frame.
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Apollo Theater

Pyrgos' Apollo Theater hosts cultural events and theater plays mostly in Greek. It is housed in a neoclassical 1879 building.


Theme Park «Legends Of Greek Mythology»

A digital museum exploring the Legends Of Greek Mythology ideal for families with children. Unfortunately, it seems to have fallen into disrepair.

Pyrgos Elis Attractions


Eparhio Hill

Pyrgos' main park is on Eparhio Hill. It has great views over the town and the sea, and it's ideal for family walks and picnic.


Church of Agios Nikolaos

An interesting Orthodox Cathedral with typical Greek-Catholic architecture. Its inside and outside whiteness will overwhelm you.


Agia Kyriaki Church

Pyrgos' oldest church was built in a distinctive gothic architecture and a dominant vermilion color to please Greece's first King, Otto, who was Bavarian.


Pyrgos Town Hall

Pyrgos Town Hall dominates the town's central square. It was built in 1985 with a donation by native shipowner Giannis Latsis.

Pyrgos Elis Why visit?

  • Its name means the Tower.
  • It was founded under Ottoman rule.
  • Impressive buildings by architect Ernst Ziller.

Pyrgos Elis Museums


Archaeological Museum of Pyrgos - Old Market

In a building designed by Ernst Ziller, the Archaeological Museum of Pyrgos will travel you back in time through hundreds of exhibits.