If you are in Greece in February, visit Patras for its popular carnival. This city also hosts an Odeum from Roman times which is still operational.

Patras Attractions

The front side and the main entrance of St. Andrew Cathedral of Patras.
photo: Public Domain
must visit

Saint Andrew Cathedral

The biggest church in Greece hosts Saint Andrew's relics which were stolen by Crusaders. The Catholic Church gave them back in 1964.


Mycenaean Cemetery of Voudeni

A 3500-years-old Mycenaean settlement and cemetery lies in Voudeni. Steeped in history, this place has a great view over Patras and the gulf.


Roman Odeon of Patras

A restored and operational conservatory that hosts theatrical and music events and dates from the Roman times.


Castle of Patras

This well-preserved Byzantine fortification was built on top of the ancient Acropolis by Emperor Justinian. Enjoy the magnificent view.


Rio-Antirrio Bridge

A megastructure and the second connecting point between Peloponnese and the Greek mainland that would inspires awe to any passersby.

An image showing the fountain of King George Square in the city of Patras.
photo: Fallacia83

King George Square

The central square of the city was founded in 1829 by the first Greek governor, Ioannis Kapodistrias, and has two fountains.

The grey-stone Lighthouse of Patras and the seating space of a café on a grass field.
photo: Xocolatl

Patras Lighthouse

After having demolished the old lighthouse in 1972, the municipality decided to rebuilt it in 1999. Ideal for a relaxing walk during sunset.

Patras Things to Do

People reading on tables among walls of bookshelves under a natural-light roof in the Municipal Library of Patras.
photo: Θεοδωρος

Municipal Library of Patras

The Municipal Library of Patras is a vintage space with more than 200,000 books, mostly in Greek. Tidy, clean, and well-organized.

A tower and other facilities of the Achaia Clauss Winery of Patras in the Peloponnese.
photo: Conudrum

Achaia Clauss Winery

Historical winery of Patras in the Peloponnese founded in 1861 and famous for the sweet fortified red wine named Mavrodaphne.


Apollon Theatre

On King George Square, the 1872 Apollon Theatre has become part of the city's identity. It was designed by German architect Ernst Ziller.


Turkish Bath (Hammam)

The Turkish Bath has been in use uninterruptedly since its foundation in 1400. Unfortunately, it's renovated in a way that conceals its history.

Patras Why visit?

  • Greece's biggest carnival takes place in Patras.
  • A commercial port called the Gate to the West.
  • St Andrew was martyred in Patras.

Patras Day Trips

Small boats anchored at the small fortified port of Nafpaktos.
photo: Dimitris Karagiorgos


It's a charming coastal town with a picturesque, fortified port, famous for the Battle of Lepanto (1571) between Europeans and Turks.


During the War of Independence, an Ottoman siege led the citizens to a heroic sally out. The relative monument and museum are of high interest.