Ancient Olympia

The birthplace of the Olympic Games and Zeus' sanctuary, here you should visit museums, wander around the ruins, and run in the ancient stadium.

Ancient Olympia Attractions



King Philip ll, the Macedon, Alexander's father, offered this circular sanctuary to Zeus and decorated it with statues of his family.


Palaestra of Olympia

A structure that dates from the 3rd century BC and it was serving as a training place for athletes in boxing, wrestling, and jumping.


Temple of Hera

Dedicated to Goddess Hera it dates back to 600BC and is considered to be one of the oldest examples of monumental architecture in Ancient Greece.

An overview of the Ancient Olympia Stadium with visitors setting up for races.
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Ancient Olympia Stadium

Here you can sprint on the very grounds ancient Olympic athletes did. The actual home of all Olympic Games between 776BC and 393AD.


Bouleuterion of Olympia

Administrative center of the ancient Olympic Games, seat of the judges and referees, and place where the penalties and the objections were discussed.


Temple of Zeus

Constructed the 5th century BC, Olympia's Temple of Zeus was a prime example of Doric architecture and housed one of the Seven Wonders.


Workshop of Phidias

Working space of antiquity's great sculptor, Phidias, who created the golden-ivory statue of Zeus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.


Prytaneion of Olympia

Center of the administrative and political life of the sanctuary and seat of the officials responsible for the monthly sacrifices to the Gods.

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Ancient Olympia Museums

The main entrance of the Archimedes Museum in modern Olympia.
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Archimedes Museum

An amazing interactive museum with replicas of Archimedes designs that will enlighten you about ancient science and technology. The kids will love it.


Archaeological Museum of Olympia

A wondrous museum that hosts Hermes of Praxitelis and other magnificent statues from Zeus Sanctuary and birthplace of the Olympic Games, Olympia.


Ancient Olympic Games History Museum

This small museum displays over 400 items shining light on ancient Olympic Games from 776 BC to 500 AD. Combine with a visit to ancient Olympia.

Ancient Olympia Why visit?

  • Birthplace of Olympic Games beginning in 776 BC.
  • During the Olympic Games, all hostilities ceased.
  • The modern Olympics torch is lit here.

Ancient Olympia Day Trips

Pyrgos Elis

With ancient Olympia within arms' reach, here you will enjoy a serene atmosphere. The digital mythological park will excite children and adults alike.

A big cruise ship moored at Katakolo port as a small fishing boat is anchored by its coast.
distant ≈ 38.2km

Katakolo Port Town

Katakolo is a cute village with beautiful houses. The gate to Peloponnese for cruise-ship tourists, you might find it crowded with holidaymakers.

Ancient Olympia Things to Do


Panayia Kremasti Monastery

Impressive 17th-century convent built on a rock's edge. Its serenity, piety and great views will elevate your spirit closer to Heavens.

The Skafidia Monastery, like a small medieval castle, in a lush-green area.
photo: Kolchak1923
distant ≈ 38.5km

Skafidia Monastery

A historic convent founded in the 10th century in a gorgeous area full of flowers. Somehow curiously, a time portal to medieval Greece.