Town in West Greece

During the War of Independence, an Ottoman siege led the citizens to a heroic sally out. The relative monument and museum are of high interest.

Mesolongi Attractions

An image showing the Rio-Antirrio Bridge dwarfing anything else around.
distant ≈ 43.1km

Rio-Antirrio Bridge

A megastructure and the second connecting point between Peloponnese and the Greek mainland that would inspires awe to any passersby.

Garden of Heroes

Impressive memorial dedicated to the guards and the fighters who lost their lives in a landmark battle during the Greek War of Independence.

Byron House

This mansion is housing a public library and the Messolonghi Byron Society. Take a photo with the imposing statue of Lord Byron.

Mesolongi Things to Do

Mesolongi Lagoon

A 22,000-acres lagoon that's source of salt, fish, and caviar for the local economy. It's often teeming with many bird species, including migratory ones.

The pedestrian and cycling path that connects Mesolongi and Tourlida island.

Cycling or Hiking to Tourlida

A unique 4 kilometers route that combines a pedestrian and cycling path and reaches the island of Tourlida through the lagoon.

A picture showing the Roe Caviar of Mesolongi (Avgotaracho) after and before the preservation process.
photo: Gkatselis

Roe Caviar of Mesolongi

It is a local delicacy of salt-preserved, cured fish-roe, also known as bottarga. In Greek is called «Avgotaracho».

Mesolongi Museums

Mesolongi Public History & Art Museum

The Mesolongi Public History and Art Museum is about the siege of 1826, and Philhellene Lord Byron who helped the War of Independence.

House / Museum «Trikoupi Family»

This old mansion was the family house of the Trikoupis, a Greek Prime Minister of the 19th century. Today, It's a museum focusing on his life.

DIEXODOS Cultural Center

DIEXODOS Cultural Center hosts over 2000 items from all historical periods with an emphasis on the Exodus of 1826, and modern photo exhibitions.

Mesolongi Day Trips


If you are in Greece in February, visit Patras for its popular carnival. This city also hosts an Odeum from Roman times which is still operational.

Small boats anchored at the small fortified port of Nafpaktos.
photo: Dimitris Karagiorgos


It's a charming coastal town with a picturesque, fortified port, famous for the Battle of Lepanto (1571) between Europeans and Turks.

Questions & Answers about Mesolongi

Why Visit Mesolongi?
  • Its name derives from the Italian words mezzo & langhi that mean "between lakes".
  • Significant Mediterranean wetland, famous for "Avgotaracho", the local caviar.
  • Since 1937 it's officially called "Sacred city" due to the heroic Exodus of 1826.
What does Mesolongi mean?

The Greek city of Messolonghi is located in western Greece in the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania. Its name probably derives from the Latin words "messo" and "laghi" (messolaghi) which means "a place between lakes". This is the reason why historically its inhabitants were mainly fishermen who lived in floating houses made of reeds.

Why is Mesolongi so famous?

Mesolongi became well-known in Greece, and throughout the world, for the historic Exodus (exit) of its residents after a heroic resistance to the siege of Ibrahim Pasha. Since 1937 is officially called "Sacred city" due to the heroic Exodus of 1826. The modern Messolonghi is a beautiful city, with traditional buildings many of them inhabited by great figures of the Greek Revolution and the political life of modern Greece.