Island in North Aegean

Chios is a sizeable island home to medieval villages and picturesque sights worth your visit. It's blessed with an excellent climate for wine-making.

Chios Attractions

Genoese Castle of Chios

Old Byzantine fortification that the Genoese reinforced later around the 15th century. Today, some parts are inhabited and its Turkish baths are renovated.

Homerion Cultural Center, Chios Town

Founded in 1980 after the donation of Michail & Stamatia Xyla, it's a center of multiple cultural uses.

Chios Town Main Square

Central square close to the Town Hall and other state buildings with the marble fountain of 1900. Officially named «Plateia Vounakiou».

Chios Things to Do

The fine art mosaics around the dome of the church in «Nea Moni of Chios» Monastery.
hidden gem

Chios «Nea Moni» Monastery

Founded in 1042 AD with Byzantine imperial sponsorship, it is famous for its mosaics. UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1990.

These coastal rocks were Markella's last hiding resort and the place where her father killed her.
distant ≈ 36.2km

St. Marcella Church & Pilgrimage

An Orthodox pilgrimage at the place where a local saint, Marcella, martyred by her own father in the 14th century.

Vrontados Rocket War (Easter) Ritual

Local custom since the Ottoman era. Two rival parishes aim for the bell tower of the rival church with fireworks offering a phantasmagoric show.

Chios Museums

A part of the exterior of the Chios Mastic Museum at the village of Pyrgi.
hidden gem
distant ≈ 28.9km

Chios Mastic Museum, Pyrgi

The mastic museum displays the processing and cultivation of mastic, a key part of Chios history, cultural landscape, and economy.

Chios Byzantine Museum (Mecidiye Mosque)

Founded in 1980, it's housed in an Ottoman Mosque and hosts items dating between 5th-18th century.

Chios Settlements

Vrontados, Chios

Coastal town known across Greece for its Easter customs. The moment the Resurrection Psalm starts, parish members of two churches start a fireworks war.

One of the narrow arched roads in the Mesta village of Chios.
distant ≈ 31.5km

Mesta, Chios

Well-preserved village of the 12th century that architecturally resembles a castle. Top activity: get lost in its maze-like street system and explore.

A narrow pedestrian road in the village of Pyrgi on the island of Chios.
distant ≈ 28.3km

Pyrgi, Chios

Fortified medieval settlement with rich heritage that stands out for its elaborate decorative-patterns on the exterior walls of the houses.

Questions & Answers about Chios

Why Visit Chios?
  • After the main town, 64 villages stand for their history & distinctive architecture.
  • A great number of ship owners and ship captains originate from the island.
  • A Greek island where the tourism industry is not well-developed.
What is Chios, Greece?

Chios is the fifth largest Greek island and is located at the Aegean Sea just 5 nautical miles from the coast of Asia Minor. The capital of the island is the city of Chios, also called Chora. While and main export products of Chios are figs, olive oil, wine, and above all, the Chian mastic. Chios is also famous for the size and quality of shipping as many ship owners, captains, and sailors originate from the island. Today, Chios stands for its excellent climate, its beautiful landscapes, the medieval villages, the Chian mastic, and many others.

Some historical facts about Chios.

The origin of the name of the island has many versions. According to some researchers, the name derives from the daughter of the first king Oinopionta, Chioni. Archaeological findings show that the island was inhabited since the Neolithic era. During ancient times played an important role and grew into a great trade and maritime power. Amphorae from Chios are found in cities of Russia and northern Egypt. The historical presence on the island is continuous during the time of Alexander the Great, the Roman era, the Frankish occupation, and during the revolution of 1821 against the Turk, as well as the Resistance in the Second World War.