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Village in North Aegean

A picture of the port of Pythagorio with small fishing boats and the buildings of the settlement in the background.
photo: YouInGreececom

Attractions, Sights & Things to Do in or near Pythagorio

A panoramic photo of the dock of the Port of Pythagorion Samos island.
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Port of Pythagorio, Samos

It has routes to Dodecanese islands, while during the summer, day-trip boats offer fishing trips, routes to Samiopoula & Turkey excursions.

A picture of the Port & Promenade of Pythagorio with a part of the amphitheatrically built settlement.
↑ N   < 1km

Promenade of Pythagoreio

At the same spot where the ancient city and port of Samos were located, it's a picturesque area with tavernas and cafés by the anchored boats.
The big statue of the Roman emperor Trajan in a room of the Archaeological Museum of Pythagorio.
↖ NW   < 1km

Archaeological Museum of Pythagorio

Inaugurated in 2010, it hosts more than 3000 findings covering an area of 2500 square meters.

An aerial photo of the Marina of Pythagorion Samos island.
→ E   ≈ 1.5km

Marina of Pythagorio, Samos

Wind-protected marina, with high-end infrastructure, that can accommodate up to 290 small & bigger vessels like leisure & sailing boats.

A picture of the remains of the Roman Baths of Thermai in Pythagorio.
← W   ≈ 1.6km

Thermai Archaeological Site (Roman Baths)

Roman Baths of the 2nd century AD and part of the ancient sports facilities located west of Pythagorio.

Small port with fishing boats in front of a traditional house built by the coast of Samos.
↖ NW   ≈ 2km


The 9th largest Greek island which is the birthplace of geometer Pythagoras, the philosopher Epicurus, and the astronomer Aristarchus.

The main building of Samos International Airport on a picture taken from an airplane at the runway.
photo: Daniel541 / CC BY 3.0
← W   ≈ 3.9km

Samos International Airport

« Aristarchos »

Named after the Greek astronomer & mathematician, links Samos with Athens & Thessaloniki, while it includes many EU destinations seasonally.

Questions & Answers about Pythagorio

Why Visit Pythagorio?
  • Built on the ancient city of Samos that had the oldest Mediterranean artificial port.
  • Close to Tunnel of Eupalinos & Heraion, both declared World Heritage monuments.
  • Cosmopolitan village amphitheatrically built around the picturesque port.