Pythagorio Samos

This is a village inhabited since the ancient years. It has an archaeological museum that hosts findings from the island and a charming promenade.

A picture of the port of Pythagorio with small fishing boats and the buildings of the settlement in the background.
photo: YouInGreececom

Pythagorio Samos Attractions


Promenade of Pythagorion Ancient Port

At the same spot where the ancient city and port of Samos were located, there is picturesque area with tavernas and cafés by the anchored boats.

The copper statue of Pythagoras lifting his hand up aligning with a triangular shape, at Samos.
photo: Lakey / CC BY-SA 3.0

Pythagoras Monument

A modern monument to the ancient genius who contributed to global science. It's on a pier at the harbor. Perfect for an evening walk.


Tower of Lykourgos Logothetis

In Logothetis tower, you find a small museum about Samos' contribution to the Greek War of Independence. It's a nice walk and has excellent views.

Pythagorio Samos Why visit?

  • Named after Pythagoras in 1955. Up to then, it was called Tigani (pan).
  • Close to Tunnel of Eupalinos & Heraion World Heritage monuments.
  • Aristarchus the Samian was another brilliant mathematician native of Pythagorio.

Pythagorio Samos Beaches

A line of beach umbrellas by the sea and bushes, under a cloudy sky at Pythagorion, Samos.
photo: Manolis Marg

Pythagorio Beach

At the pebble beach at Pythagorio you can enjoy watersports or sunbathing. Great views of a castle and landing airplanes.

Pythagorio Samos Museums


Archaeological Museum of Pythagorio

You can take some time off the day's heat and learn about Samos' history through this museum's 3000 exhibits. Best with a guide.