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Island in North Aegean

Attractions, Sights & Things to Do on Lesbos

An overview of the entry point of the Port of Mytilene on Lesvos island.
km 0

Port of Mytilini, Lesvos

The main port of the island with ferry boat connections with the Greek mainland (Piraeus, Kavala) as well as many Aegean islands.

A part of the Marina of Mytilini on Lesvos island.
↓ S   < 1km

Marina of Mytilini, Lesvos

Well-organized & and fully functional marina at the picturesque promenade of Mytilini with the ability to host leisure and sailing boats.

The main building and the control tower of Mytilene International Airport.
↘ SE   ≈ 9.3km

Mytilene International Airport

« Odysseas Elytis »

With the name of the Nobel Prize awarded Greek poet, it has contemporary facilities & serves domestic, as well as seasonal international flights.

A part of the settlement and the Port of Plomari on Lesvos island.
↙ SW   ≈ 30.1km

Port of Plomari, Lesvos

The renovation works at the marina and the fact that it is becoming an official Schengen tourist gate aspire to attract more visitors.

Remains of the Archaeological Site of Messa (Temple of Aphrodite) in Mytilene.
photo: Tedmek
↖ NW   ≈ 33.8km

Archaeological Site of Messa (Temple of Aphrodite)

As revealed by its name, it is a sanctuary located in the absolute middle of the island.

A commercial cargo ship by the Port of Petra on Lesvos island.
photo: ltlesvou.gr
↖ NW   ≈ 58.7km

Port of Petra, Lesvos

Small port close to Mithimna (Molivos) with customs service that has a connection route with the Turkish port of Kutsukugiu.

A picture of the Port of Mithimna (Molivos) on Lesvos island.
↖ NW   ≈ 62.7km

Port of Mithimna (Molivos), Lesvos

Picturesque port with fishing boats and tourist day-trip ships that reach the north-east part of the island (Skala Sykaminias, Palios).

Part of the outer yard and the main entrance of the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest.
← W   ≈ 86.5km

History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest

Located in Sigri, 90 kilometers from Mytilene, includes rare plant and animal fossils of Western Lesvos.

Questions & Answers about Lesbos

Why Visit Lesbos?
  • The petrified forest of Lesbos is a worth-visiting geopark & natural monument.
  • Modern facilities and the friendly local population create lifetime experiences.
  • The Holy Pilgrimage of Taxiarches attracts pilgrims from all over the world.