The home island of geometer Pythagoras is lush green with rivers, wetlands, and beaches. It also has several sites of archeological interest.

Samos Attractions


Promenade of Pythagorion Ancient Port

At the same spot where the ancient city and port of Samos were located, there is picturesque area with tavernas and cafés by the anchored boats.

The copper statue of Pythagoras lifting his hand up aligning with a triangular shape, at Samos.
photo: Lakey / CC BY-SA 3.0

Pythagoras Monument

A modern monument to the ancient genius who contributed to global science. It's on a pier at the harbor. Perfect for an evening walk.


Tower of Lykourgos Logothetis

In Logothetis tower, you find a small museum about Samos' contribution to the Greek War of Independence. It's a nice walk and has excellent views.


Tunnel of Eupalinos


An ancient aqueduct that dates from the 6th century BC and is now a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Not for claustrophobic people.


Heraion of Samos

A UNESCO monument and the most significant sanctuary of Samos dedicated to Goddess Hera, who according to legend was born on the island.

Samos Things to Do

A panoramic photo depicting the Samiopoula Island in the blue sea.
photo: Samos Voice

Samiopoula Island

The islet's name literally means "Small Samos". It's famous for its free-grazing goats. It's ideal for a daily excursion with boat.

People enjoying and swim in the waters of the Potami Waterfalls of Samos.
photo: Samos Voice

Potami Karlovasi Waterfalls

Feeling adventurous? Here you can hike up and enjoy the waterfall swimming. Go prepared - boardies or bikini, flip-flops, and sun hat.


Monastery of Panagia Vrontiani (Vronta)

The oldest monastery of the island dates to 1566 and is located close to the village of Kokkari at an altitude of 458 meters.


Pythagoras Cave

Ancient mathematician Pythagoras used this cave to hide from tyrant Polycrates. You can drive or hike to the cave - the clean air and views will reward you.


Wetlands of Aliki Samos

In the area where the old salt pit of the island was until 1965 today lies a state-protected coastal wetland of 420 acres.

Samos Museums


Archaeological Museum of Pythagorio

You can take some time off the day's heat and learn about Samos' history through this museum's 3000 exhibits. Best with a guide.

A picture showing several wine barrels in the cellar of Samos Wine Museum.
photo: YouInGreececom

Samos Wine Museum

The winery of Malagari, close to Vathi, will enlighten you about winemaking and wine-drinking. The latter is a hands on experience.


Archaeological Museum of Vathi Samos

Here you will find the biggest Kouros in Greece, a total of 5,5 meters high. These are young men statues inspired by Egyptian sculpturing styles.

A photo showing exhibits in displays in a room of the Aegean Natural History Museum in Mitilinii of Samos.
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Aegean Natural History Museum

Mitilinii Samos

Interested in natural sciences like palaeontology, geology, and zoology? This collection hosts exhibits from Samos, the Aegean, and abroad.

Samos Why visit?

  • The birthplace of Hera where they built her a great temple.
  • Aegean's second-highest mountain, Kerkis 1433m or 4700ft.
  • World-class wines and vineyards in mountainous terraces.

Samos Settlements

A picture of the port of Pythagorio with small fishing boats and the buildings of the settlement in the background.
photo: YouInGreececom

Pythagorio Samos

This is a village inhabited since the ancient years. It has an archaeological museum that hosts findings from the island and a charming promenade.

A panoramic picture of the town of Karlovasi in Samos with a church on top of a hill.
photo: Samos Voice



The second-largest town is ideal as a basis from which you go places.. plenty of nearby beaches, archeological sites, and nightlife.

A panoramic picture of the Samos town and its port with its lit promenade.
photo: Samos Voice

Samos Town (Vathy)

Samos' capital has everything; accommodation, restaurants, car rentals, and quite importantly, a lively nightlife.

Samos Beaches

A forest getting down to the sea and a few boats on shore and others moored at Mourtia Beach, Vathi.
photo: Samos Voice

Mourtia Beach


Small-pebble beach in a bay protected from the north winds. It has crystal clear waters and, without any beach bars, it's a quiet place.