Memorable for its extraordinary cuisine, local produce, and heavenly beaches, Limnos is also home to a desert. Yes, sand dunes, wild goats and all.

Limnos Beaches


Zematas Beach

Zematas is a charming, white fine-sand beach. Among Limnos' best developed beaches, its clear and shallow waters make it ideal for children's play.


Evgatis Beach

Wide and long, white-sand beach with shallow waters. The beach at Evgatis has water sports, beach bars, and a taverna. Good vibes!

A picture with an umbrella and a windsurfer in the background taken on the beach of Keros on Lemnos island.
photo: User: Nikolaos at wts wikivoyage

Keros Beach

With sandy, shallow waters, Keros is a 4 kilometers long beach ideal for campers and caravan owners as well as for kite surfers and windsurfers.

A photo showing a part of Kotsinas beach on the island of Lemnos.
photo: Ted Potters

Kotsinas Beach

Kotsinas is a long beach with fine sand. Famous for its extra-shallow waters, it's a classic for families with children.


Gomati Beach

Gomati is a sandy, shallow-waters beach. Maybe the best beach for kite surfing in Greece thanks to the winds. Close to the Greek desert of Ammothines.


Chavouli Beach


Moudros or Havouli is a peaceful, white-sand beach with shallow waters - kids favorite. Play beach volley and get your drinks and food at the beach bar.

A picture showing a part of the Parthenomitos beach of Lemnos.
photo: TB5050

Parthenomitos Beach


Isolated, not developed, and with tricky access, you won't find many people here. Natural beauty is king but to enjoy you need to be prepared.

A photo of the hill of the castle and the Romeikos Gialos Beach in the city of Myrina.
photo: User: Nikolaos at wts wikivoyage

Romeikos Gialos Beach


Sandy beach to the north of the castle and close to bars, cafés, and shops. Its only distinguishing quality is the neoclassical buildings nearby.

Limnos Attractions


Old Russian Cemetery

Nea Koutali

Defeated by Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War, 350 people sought refuge in Limnos and continued their lives here. They rest in peace in Nea Koutali.

A photo showing the roofless chapel of Panagia Kakaviotissa on Limnos island.
hidden gem

Panagia Kakaviotissa Chapel

The outstanding Kakaviotissa Chapel is inside a hollow hilltop without much of a ceiling. Around 20' of ascend and then a breathtaking view.


Myrina Castle

The Byzantines built Myrina Castle in 1186. It's an easy climb especially if you avoid the hours of heat. Look out for deer in the distance.

A photo of the remains at the Archaeological Site of Poliochni on the island of Lemnos.
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Archaeological Site Poliochni

The Archaeological Site Poliochni is a prehistoric settlement of the 5th or 4th millennium BC. It's considered to be the oldest town in Europe.


Ancient Ifestia Archaeological Site

A 3000 years old town named after Hephaestus. Its most recognizable excavated building is the theater. Everything is well-explained with signs.


Kaveirio Archeological Site

Sanctuary dedicated to the enigmatic deities, Kaviri. It was abandoned around 300 AD. Try to find the cave of Philoctetes.

Limnos Why visit?

  • Home to the only desert in Greece.
  • Famous for its cheeses, honey, cereals, pasta, and wines.
  • A volcanic island without any forests but with fertile plains.

Limnos Museums


Folklore Museum of Portianou

Housed in a two-story traditional building, the Folklore Museum of Portianou displays 19th century household and everyday-life items.


Archaeological Museum of Lemnos


Housed in the 19th century Turkish administration headquarters, the Archaeological Museum is the perfect place to learn about Lemnos' history.

Limnos Things to Do


Lemnos Desert «Ammothines»

Ammothines will make you feel like in Sahara. A 70,000 sqm desert with dunes excites everybody, especially children — a great photo setting.


Aliki Salt Lagoon

An otherworldly place where one appreciates this planet's beauty. A vast salt field that's revealed as the winter sea retreats and evaporates.

Limnos Settlements

Moudros Port Town

There's a promenade by Moudros port which is perfect for your evening walk and dinner. A relaxing and mostly quiet place.

Myrina Town

Limnos' capital has an imposing castle, and narrow streets with traditional island architecture. A 3200 years old town steeped in beauty and history.