A mountainous town, Kozani is known for its carnival customs and traditions. A step out of the city, you find many nearby destinations of interest.

Attractions & Things to Do in Kozani

Nikis Square

After a radical reconstruction from 2014 to 2016, the historical square, was transformed into a meeting place and came closer to the public.

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Clock Tower of Kozani


This is the 26 meters high belfry of St. Nicholas church, from 1855, next to the city's main square.

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People in traditional clothes, holding a jug of wine, are singing around the lit metal cresset.
photo: Makedonas

Carnival Customs & Rituals of Kozani

«Fanoi - Fanos»

The Fanos is the most distinctive local carnival custom that turns whole city to an open-air festival.

Church of Saint Nicholas

Erected in 1664 and reconstructed in 1721, is the third oldest church of Kozani, dedicated to the Patron Saint of the city.

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Mansion Vourkas

«Arhontiko Vourka»

A building founded during the 18th-century, that is a typical example of the Macedonian architecture.

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A picture of a building that houses the Historical - Folklore and Natural History Museum of Kozani.
photo: Makedonas

Folklore & Natural History Museum of Kozani

Contemporary institution with exhibits that visualize the region's historic and cultural evolution.

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Displays with exhibits in a room of the Archaeological Collection Museum of Kozani
photo: Lucky Eye

Museum Archaeological Collection of Kozani

Housed in a city-center traditional mansion, it hosts exhibits from the Prehistoric to the Roman era.

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Contemporary Local History Museum of Kozani

Inaugurated in 2006, aims to transfer to younger generations knowledge about the regional history.

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The paths of the Municipal Park of Kozani among the trees during the evening.
photo: Makedonas

Municipal Park of Kozani

Located in the south part and very close to the center of the city, it is a large green area ideal for families as well as for runners.

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Kozani National Airport


Small airport with the name of the King of Macedonia that has limited infrastructure & cannot serve big aircrafts, while it has flights to Athens.

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A panoramic photo of the artificial lake of Polyphytos and the Neraida bridge that crosses the lake.
photo: Makedonas

Lake Polyphytos & Neraida Bridge

A large artificial lake created parallel to the Polyphytos hydroelectric power plant (1973), which is crossed by a 1.372 meters long bridge.

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Remains of Byzantine City, Servia

Ancient Servia was an important Byzantine fortified center, founded in the 7th century, consisted of the Acropolis, the upper and lower town.

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Ptolemaida Town

Provincial town with that is for decades the most significant energy center of Greece, due to its lignite deposits and energy production plants.

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Geopark of Mikrovalto & Livadero

Distinctive geological formations that compose a unique natural landscape at Kozani countryside.

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The yard of Agios Minas, the main church of the village of Emporio.
photo: Erisa Desu

Emporio Kozani

Built at the foothills of the homonymous mountain, it is an old traditional settlement ideal for quiet and relaxing vacations.

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Panayia Soumela Church, Kastania Imathia

The pilgrimage of Kastania that revives the Panagia Soumela monastery of Trapezounta.

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The snowy slope of Seli ski resort where the chalet and many guests are visible.
photo: Taspozi

Seli Ski Resort, Kato Vermio

The first and the largest ski resort of the country of Greece that was founded in 1934 and attracts many guests on an annual basis.

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≈ 45.8km

Questions & Answers about Kozani

Why Visit Kozani?
  • A city that respects tradition and is remarkably open to contemporary evolution.
  • Culinary destination famous for its traditional architecture & its pretty scenery.
  • "Fanos" is a very distinctive local Carnival custom.