A mountainous town, Kozani is known for its carnival customs and traditions. A step out of the city, you find many nearby destinations of interest.

Kozani Attractions


Clock Tower of Kozani

This is the 26 meters high bell tower of St. Nicholas church built in 1855. The locals call it Mamatsio and it's close to the main square.


Church of Saint Nicholas

Erected in 1664 and reconstructed in 1721, the third-oldest church of Kozani is dedicated to the city's Patron Saint, St Nicholas.


Vourkas Mansion

A typical example of the Macedonian architecture, this restored mansion was built in the 18th-century and has exceptional woodwork and decoration.

A panoramic photo of the artificial lake of Polyphytos and the Neraida bridge that crosses the lake.
photo: Makedonas
distant ≈ 24.2km

Lake Polyphytos (Neraida-Servia) Bridge

The large artificial lake created for the Polyphytos hydroelectric power plant is crossed by a 1372 meters long bridge.


Nikis Square

After a radical reconstruction in 2016, the square became a favorite for the town's inhabitants. Enjoy your walk and the coffee shops.

The remains of the Byzantine fortified castle of Servia at sunrise.
distant ≈ 32km

Servia Byzantine Castle Remains

Servia was an important Byzantine town that thrived in the 10th century. The place has no signage but its a beautiful uphill walk with crazy views.

The paths of the Municipal Park of Kozani among the trees during the evening.
photo: Makedonas

Municipal Park of Kozani

A neat park with playground for children, space for people to exercise, cycle paths, and benches to read books.

Kozani Museums


Contemporary Local History Museum

The Contemporary Local History Museum exhibits post-WW2 items and shares stories from the Greek civil war. Not much in English though.

A picture of a building that houses the Historical - Folklore and Natural History Museum of Kozani.
photo: Makedonas

Historical - Folklore and Natural History Museum

The museum has three exhibitions on history, an ethnological collection, an art gallery, a stamp collection, and old radio collection.

Display showcases with exhibits in a room of the Archaeological Collection Museum of Kozani
photo: Lucky Eye

Kozani Archaeological Collection

Housed in a traditional mansion, it hosts a small collection of items found around Kozani dating from the Prehistoric to the Roman era.

Kozani Why visit?

  • Kozani merchants established communities in Austria-Hungarian cities.
  • In a 1528 Ottoman register, Kozani had 91 houses, 23 bachelors, and 15 widows.
  • The Fanos carnival's orgins are immemorial.

Kozani Things to Do

The church of Panagia Soumela at Kastania, Imathia with some guests at the yard.
must visit
distant ≈ 42.6km

Panayia Soumela Monastery

Kastania Imathia

Greek refugees from Trabzon, Turkey, re-instituted the Panagia Soumela monastery and the historic pilgrimage that was taking place there.

The snowy slope of Seli ski resort where the chalet and many guests are visible.
photo: Taspozi
distant ≈ 45.7km

Seli Ski Resort

The first and largest Greek ski resort is the perfect place for kids and families. Ideal also for beginners as the slopes are not too big.

The Nochtaria geological formations close to the settlement of Mikrovalto.
distant ≈ 39.5km

Geopark «Mpouchária»

The geological formations here have created an uncommon landscape similar to that of Cappadocia in Turkey.

Kozani Day Trips

The yard of Agios Minas, the main church of the village of Emporio.
photo: Erisa Desu
distant ≈ 39.9km



An old traditional settlement ideal for quiet and relaxing winter vacations. Excellent base for daily excursions to interesting locations around.

A lit up Christmas manger and other decorations in the snowy center of Ptolemaida.
distant ≈ 35.3km

Ptolemaida Town

A powerhouse thanks to its huge electricity plants, this cute provincial town has a few interesting sites and vibrant nightlife.

Kozani Festivals

People in traditional clothes, holding a jug of wine, are singing around a lit metal cresset.
photo: Makedonas

Carnival Customs & Rituals of Kozani

The Fanoi are fires surrounded by people feasting with wine and dancing to brass instruments that play Balkan music or local songs about love.