There is not as much to do in this town as there is around it. Excursion for skiing and hiking in mountainous villages would be your best option.

The rural road leading to Grevena among mountains of great altitude.
photo: maxos_dim

Attractions & Things to Do in Grevena

Aimilianou Square

Central square of Grevena that bears the name of the bishop who defended the Greek identity of the city inhabitants and was murdered in 1911.

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The clock tower of Grevena having in the background buildings and houses of the city as well as the blue sky.
photo: Dinos / CC BY 2.0

Clock Tower of Grevena

Dating from 1776, it is the only preserved monument from the Ottoman era. The clock works properly and is considered as a city trademark.

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< 1km

Bridge of Ziakas, Zakas Grevena

Another stone-built bridge of Grevena area that, as the nearby village, gets its name from a leader of the Greek struggle of Independence.

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≈ 18km

Panagia Monastery, Spilaio Grevena

The main church of an old monastery that was founded in 1633, and is located very close to the settlement of Spilaio village of Grevena.

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≈ 20.8km

Portitsa Bridge, Spilaio Grevena

At the entering point of Portitsa canyon and nearly 4 km from Spilaio village, the visitor can find an amazing stone bridge of the 18th century.

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≈ 21.8km

Battle of Pindus War Memorial in Annitsa

Commemorating a battle of November 1940 between the Italian army and a local defence unit.

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≈ 40.1km

Perivoli, Grevena

Mountainous village located in the region of Pindus Natural Park that is built at an altitude of 1350 meters and has nearly 500 inhabitants.

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≈ 40.5km

Vasilitsa Ski Center, Grevena

Located on the Pindus mount range, it is named after the local mountain, while it is a famous and contemporary ski resort that dates from 1975.

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≈ 41.2km

Pindus National Park (Eastern Part)

«Valia Kalda»

The Warm Valley, as is the literal meaning of its local name, is snow-covered for 8 months per year.

Samarina, Grevena

Officially the second highest settlement in Greece on an altitude of 1450 meters, with a population consisted mostly of Aromanians (Vlachs).

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≈ 48.8km

Flega Lakes, Pindos National Park

Legendary mountainous lakes on the subalpine highlands of Valia Kalda, that can be reached through 3 different hiking trails.

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≈ 48.8km

Questions & Answers about Grevena

Why Visit Grevena?
  • Famous for the stone-built bridges and Valia Kalda, part of Pindus National Park.
  • Macedonian city located in a mountainous area with great natural landscape.
  • In 2007, it was declared the "City of Mushroom".
What is Grevena, Greece?

The Greek city of Grevena is located in the Macedonia region and it's the largest city of the prefecture with 25.905 inhabitants. The 1995 earthquake that struck the region resulted in major damage, but fortunately no lives, since two smaller earthquakes before the major one, had already driven the residents out of their homes. In 2007 it was declared the "City of Mushroom" and the potential visitors can find many different kinds and restaurants using mushrooms as the main material in their dishes.