You enjoy Florina better in the winter. With wild animal sanctuaries, hiking trails, and ski resorts close by, this is an excellent place for day trips.

Florina Things to Do

A few white and black horses on green pasture surrounded by trees.
photo: stefg74 / CC BY 2.0
distant ≈ 26.6km

Artemis Outdoor Activities


At the Artemis Outdoor Activities at Sklithro, you can participate in sport activities, like horseback riding, canoeing, and mountain biking.

An overview of the lakes Chimaditida and Zazari from a spot very close to Nymfaio village.
distant ≈ 30.1km

Lakes Chimaditida & Zazari

The lakes the surrounding wetlands are home to dozens of wildlife species. Sit by the street lamps at dusk for a dreamy landscape.

The pedestrian bridge that connects the island of Agios Achillios in Small Prespa with the mainland.
hidden gem
distant ≈ 38.4km

Prespa National Park

Biodiverse lakes shared among three countries. Take a boat tour to watch wildlife, old monasteries, and climb up to a cave chapel.

The shelter's wooden fence among a winter landscape, and a sign asking for people to not be noisy.
distant ≈ 23km

Arcturos Brown Bear Sanctuary

A shelter for injured bears and wolves. With your visit not only will you admire these animals, but you'll also be supporting the important work done here.

A white wolf in the Arcturos Wolf Sanctuary in Agrapidies of Nymfaio.
distant ≈ 26.6km

Arcturos Wolf Sanctuary

A 70-acre protected forest area where rescued wolves (from illegal captivity) are integrated in their natural ecosystem.


Sakoulevas Florina River

This small river flows through the town creating an ideal promenade for walking and biking by restored mansions and old houses, as well as cafes.


Ski Center Viglas - Pisoderi

At an altitude of 1650 meters, this ski resort is famous for its snow quality and its long slopes. Experienced skiers won't find any challenge here.

The mount Vitsi (or Verno as it is also called) covered with snow.
photo: Dgolitsis
distant ≈ 24.2km

Vitsi Ski Center

The ski resort has five slopes at altitudes between 1610 and 1875 meters. Ridiculous views from the top. Also, ideal for families with children.

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Florina Day Trips


Nymfaio is a fairytale destination at an altitude of 1350 meters, famous for its stone house architecture and its breathtaking natural landscape.


This charming town on the shores of a lake offers many hiking opportunities, old architecture, and rich history. It's also a photographer's heaven.

The yard of Agios Minas, the main church of the village of Emporio.
photo: Erisa Desu
distant ≈ 48.8km



An old traditional settlement ideal for quiet and relaxing winter vacations. Excellent base for daily excursions to interesting locations around.

The belfry and some houses of Agios Germanos village with the Prespa lake in the background.
distant ≈ 30km

Agios Germanos


Α historic village of Prespes and probably the most beautiful one. Stone-built houses, picturesque corners... a paradise for photographers.

Florina Why visit?

  • Prespa Lakes are a point where three countries' borders meet.
  • A town with a rich Slavic, Ottoman and Greek history.
  • Its name means "the Green place".

Florina Attractions

The ruins of the Basilica of St. Achillios in the Small Prespa lake.
photo: stefg74 / CC BY 2.0
distant ≈ 37.6km

St. Achillius Basilica (Ag. Achillios Island)

The lake island got its name from this Byzantine church dedicated to St. Achillios. You will be immersed in history and visual awesomeness.


Cultural Club of Florina

A diverse cultural club that offers art courses, hosts an ethnographic museum with tools and items from the past centuries, and thematic exhibitions.


Educational Association of Florina «Aristotle»

Educational organization that aims to keep local tradition alive. It houses a theater, a library, and a museum of traditional art.

Florina Museums


Archaeological Museum of Florina

In the Archaeological Museum of Florina you will discover the area's history from the Prehistoric to the Byzantine era. Small and cared for.


Florina Museum of Contemporary Art

Modern gallery that hosts artworks by 700 foreign and Greek artists, small concerts, and photo exhibitions. Best time to visit is in the evening.

Florina Festivals

Christmas in Florina (Customs & Rituals)

Fires illuminate the midnight of the 23rd of December all around the town while bands play Balkan tunes. An ancient pagan custom still alive.