Do you want to watch a play in the same theater ancient Greeks did? The Epidaurus theater festival is an unforgettable, almost mystic, experience.

Epidaurus Attractions

An image of the remains of the Temple of Artemis at Epidaurus.
photo: Zde / CC BY-SA 4.0

Temple of Artemis

Ruins of a small temple honoring Artemis, the Goddess of hunting and wildlife. It dates back to the 4th century BC.

A picture of the marble auditorium and stage of the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus with forests in the background.
photo: Pug Girl / CC BY 2.0
must visit

Ancient Theatre of the Asklepieion Epidaurus

What a marvelous place! State-of-art acoustics, elegance, living history. Watching a play in the Epidaurus Theatre is an experience of a lifetime.

A picture of the restored ruins of Asclepieion Stadium, Epidaurus.
must visit

Asclepieion Epidaurus Stadium

In this stadium, athletes had been competing in track and field nude. You can run here and have your friends take pictures but keep your clothes on.


Temple of Asklepios

Sanctuary to Asclepios, God of medicine, built between 380-370 BC and steeped in myth and history. Today, it's partially restored.

The remains of the Tholos of the Asklepeion at Epidaurus during restoration works.
photo: Trajan 117 CE

Asklepeion Epidaurus Tholos / Thymele

The dome was reputed as the most perfect circular building of antiquity. It would be wonderful if more of it survived. Superb nonetheless.


Abaton of the Asklepieion at Epidaurus

Having received medical care, patients slept the night in Abaton where God Asclepios would visit and heal them. The first case of placebo treatment?

Epidaurus Why visit?

  • World-famous for its acoustics, its theater hosts top ancient drama plays.
  • A famous ancient medical center, considered to be the birthplace of medical science.
  • A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Epidaurus Museums


Asclepieion Epidaurus Archaeological Museum

The Epidaurus Archaeological Museum will crush you under the weight of its priceless exhibits. Small but packed with history.