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Do you want to watch a play in the same theater ancient Greeks did? The Epidaurus theater festival is an unforgettable, almost mystic, experience.

Attractions & Things to Do in Epidaurus

Archaeological Museum of the Asklepeion

Located inside the archaeological site it's open since 1909 being one of the oldest Greek museums.

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An image of the remains of the Temple of Artemis at Epidaurus.
photo: Zde / CC BY-SA 4.0

Temple of Artemis at Epidaurus

Small temple dedicated to the goddess of the hunt & wilderness, while It's located centrally in the sanctuary dating from the 4th century BC.

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An overview of the Amphitheater (Ancient Theatre) of Epidaurus.
photo: Pug Girl / CC BY 2.0

Amphitheater (Ancient Theatre) of Epidaurus

Built in the 4th BC, the most famous ancient Greek theater combines elegance and excellent acoustics.

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Temple of Asklepios at Epidaurus

The central structure of the sanctuary was dedicated to the god of medicine. It was erected between 380-370 BC & it was in use until the 4th AD.

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The remains of the Tholos of the Asklepeion at Epidaurus during some restoration works.
photo: Trajan 117 CE

Tholos of the Asklepeion at Epidaurus

Dating from the 4th BC it's dome that is reputed as the most perfect circular structure of the antiquity.

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Abaton of the Asklepieion at Epidaurus

Complex gallery of the mysterious cult & a healing place for patients visited by god in their sleep.

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Stadium of the Asclepieion at Epidaurus

Structure related to the ritual worshiping through a series of festivals & competitions honoring the god.

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Questions & Answers about Epidaurus

Why Visit Epidaurus?
  • World-famous for its acoustics, its theater hosts top ancient drama plays.
  • Famous medical center of antiquity considered the birthplace of medical science.
  • In 1988, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.