With its well-preserved architecture and monuments, Nafplio is a window to Old Greece. Enjoy it and launch day trips to ancient sites nearby.

Nafplio Attractions


Syntagma Square of Nafplio

Old and historical central square of the city that offers numerous coffee and food choices in a picturesque and genuine environment.

A photo showing the walls and the facilities of the Fortress of Palamidi in Nafplio.
photo: FIT-SUNY Greece Study Tour 2018

Fortress of Palamidi

A large and well-preserved fortification which is the one of most significant examples of Venetian medieval architecture in Greek territory.


Akronafplia Fortress

Located approximately 45 meters over sea level, it was an ancient Αcropolis that was used as a prison until the middle of the 20th century.


Lion of the Bavaria

Modern Greece's first King was Bavarian. They carved this sad lion to commemorate their compatriots who died of typhus in 1833 in Greece.


Vouleftikon (Parliament)

Vouleftikon is modern Greece's first parliament. It operates a small exhibition an projects a short documentary about the Greek War of Independence.


Saint Spyridon Church

A beautiful church mostly known among Greeks as the place where the first governor of the modern Greek state, Kapodistrias, was assassinated.


Bastion of Five Brothers

Picturesque area along Nafplio's waterfront with five cannons pointing to the sea. It's a pleasant walk on your way to dinner.


Bourtzi Castle

Bourtzi is a small island fortress in front of Nafplio. A boat trip there will have you hanging out around cannons and embrasures.

Nafplio Museums


Childhood Museum «Stathmos»

A rare exhibition of toys from antiquity to today in a well-designed place. Don't miss the opportunity to revisit your childhood.


Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation «V. Papantoniou»

An exhibition adeptly decorated with traditional attires and everyday items from past centuries. The gift shop is the highlight.


National Gallery - Nafplio Department

Nafplio's national gallery displays paintings, weapons, and statues on the Greek War of Independence. It's small and your visit won't take too long.


Archaeological Museum of Nafplio

The museum exhibits pottery, jewelry, and armors from ancient years. The museum itself is a Venetian building and it's located on Syntagma Square.


Nafplion Komboloi Museum

A truly unique museum exhibiting worry beads. These are strings of beads to keep fingers busy. Buy one if you're quitting smoking.

Nafplio Why visit?

  • Modern Greek state's first capital between 1828 and 1833.
  • Franks, Venetians, and Turks ruled and left their mark on the city.
  • Nearby trips to bronze-age, classical, and medieval Greece.

Nafplio Things to Do

The logo of Cine Nafplio 'Therino', meaning Nafplio's summer cinema in Greek.
photo: CineNafplio

Cine Nafplio Open Air Cinema

Located at the castle's feet, at the Open Air Cinema you can watch movies under the stars. Comfortable chairs, an endearing experience.


Arvanitia Hiking Path

An extraordinary trail to the fortress of Palamidi and the lighthouse passing between the sea and the mountain. Don't miss it.


Nafplio Port

Nafplio port enjoys a beautiful view of the sea and fortress. It has a promenade with restaurants and cafeterias. Best time to be here is at sunrise.


FOUGARO Art Center

A neat art center with pottery, drawings, workshops. If you're lucky you, a live music night. Kids friendly and with exceptional ice-cream.


Kolokotronis Park

A nice cute park dedicated to Theodoros Kolokotronis, a key figure of the Greek Independence War. You now know whose the statue is. Perfect for families.

Nafplio Beaches


Arvanitias Beach

Arvanitias is just below Palamidi. It's small and charming, beautifully developed, and enclosed in green woods and turquoise waters.


Karathonas Beach

Karathonas is the distant beach you see from Palamidi Fort. Great waters, some natural shade, and a few restaurants and bars.