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Town in Peloponnese

Attractions, Sights & Things to Do in or near Nafplio

Syntagma Square of Nafplio

Old and historical central square of the city that offers numerous coffee and food choices within a picturesque and genuine environment.

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Archaeological Museum of Nafplio

Located on the west side of Syntagma Square in the city center, it is a renovated Venetian building that is open to the public since 1930.

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Nafplion Komboloi Museum

One of the first (and few) worldwide worry-bead museums, it welcomes guests since 1998, aiming to reveal the roots of this traditional item.

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Port of Nafplio

It does not offer any ferry-boat connection but together with the great views, it serves as a starting point for daily boat tours during summer.

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Akronafplia Fortress

Located approximately 45 meters over the sea level, it was the ancient acropolis that served as a prison until the middle of the 20th century.

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Bourtzi Castle of Nafplio

Small island in the port of Nafplio that is fully covered by a well-preserved and impressive Venetian fortress, an absolute city trademark.

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A photo showing the walls and the facilities of the Fortress of Palamidi in Nafplio.
photo: FIT-SUNY Greece Study Tour 2018

Fortress of Palamidi

A large and well-preserved fortification which is the one of most significant examples of Venetian medieval architecture in Greek territory.

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The greatest sanctuary dedicated to the cult of the god of medicine Asklepios that hosts the most well-preserved and beautiful ancient theater.

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Questions & Answers about Nafplio

Why Visit Nafplio?
  • The first official capital of Greece between 1828 and 1833.
  • Franks, Venetians, and Turks ruled and left their marks to the city.
  • Its picturesque scenery & modern facilities make it an ideal city break destination.
What is Nafplion, Greece?

Nafplion is a small port town in the Peloponnese, at the north of Argolida bay. Nafplio has great symbolic value and rich history as it was the first capital of the Greek independent from 1829 to 1833. Nafplion is one of the most picturesque cities in the country and is a famous tourist destination for Athens, especially for a weekend due to the short distance.