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City in Peloponnese

Attractions, Sights & Things to Do in Corinth

Photo displaying the Port of Corinth.
km 0

Port of Corinth

It does not offer any ferry connections but due to its contemporary infrastructure, has the opportunity to host large cruise ships.

Traditional costumes displayed in the Historical & Folklore Museum of Corinth.
↘ SE   < 1km

Historical & Folklore Museum of Corinth

Founded in 1976 aims to reveal not only the local but the traditions of modern Greece in general.
A picture showing the bridge and the famous canal of Corinth.
→ E   ≈ 5.7km

Corinth Canal & Bridges

The biggest Greek technical project of the 19th-century, which was constructed between 1880-1893 with a total canal height of 6343 meters.

Remains of the temple of Apollo in the Archeological Site of Ancient Corinth.
↙ SW   ≈ 8.7km

Archeological Site of Ancient Corinth

Well-organized and visitable archaeological site that reveals the norms and the functions of one of the richest cities of antiquity.

A photo of the corridor of the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth with statues and displays with exhibits.
↙ SW   ≈ 8.9km

Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth

It was erected in 1932 in order to house the excavation findings of the archaeological site.

The remaining walls of the fortifications of the Acrocorinth Castle of Corinth.
↙ SW   ≈ 11.1km

Acrocorinth Castle, Corinth

The acropolis of Ancient Corinth on a rocky hill of 579 meters that hosts an impressive and robust fortification since the 7th-6th century BC.

An image showing the hill and the castle of Penteskoufi.
↙ SW   ≈ 13.1km

Penteskoufi Hill & Castle

Frankian fort founded in 1205 on the rocky hill of 476 meters opposite the Acrocorinthos. A place with nice hiking trails and fantastic views.

Questions & Answers about Corinth

Why Visit Corinth?
  • One of the few contemporary Greek cities with excellent road and architectural planning.
  • Started to be built in 1858 after the earthquake that destroyed the old city.
  • The winged horse Pegasus is the symbol of Korinthos city.