City in Peloponnese

Coastal city close to an instagrammable 6-kilometer canal that separates Peloponnese from the Greek mainland. Ideal for a stop while traveling.

Corinth Attractions

Archeological Site of Ancient Corinth

A large site where a powerful city of the antiquity stood. With museums on site and lots to see, this place will exceed your expectations.

The remaining walls of the fortifications of the Acrocorinth Castle of Corinth.
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Acrocorinth Castle, Corinth

The acropolis of Ancient Corinth was built in the 7th century BC. Big parts of its impressive fortification still stand today. Do not miss it.

A picture showing the bridge and the famous canal of Corinth.
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Corinth Canal (Old Bridge)

The biggest Greek construction project of the 19th-century is a 6-km long channel linking two seas. Excellent for photography.

Port of Corinth

It does not offer any ferry connections but due to its contemporary infrastructure, has the opportunity to host large cruise ships.

Corinth Things to Do

Penteskoufi Hill & Castle

A Frankish fort built in 1205 on a 476-meters hill opposite of Acrocorinthos. A place with nice hiking trails and fantastic views.

Corinth Museums

Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth

A fascinating collection of well-preserved statues and other findings from nearby excavation sites, this museum will guide you through history.

Traditional costumes displayed in the Historical & Folklore Museum of Corinth.
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Historical & Folklore Museum of Corinth

The historical and folklore museum of Corinth puts Greek tradition on display through a multitude of exhibits like clothing and household objects.

Questions & Answers about Corinth

Why Visit Corinth?
  • One of the few contemporary Greek cities with excellent road and architectural planning.
  • Started to be built in 1858 after the earthquake that destroyed the old city.
  • The winged horse Pegasus is the symbol of Korinthos city.