Town in Peloponnese

Built amphitheatrically at the west coast of the Laconic Gulf, it stands out for its colorful neoclassic mansions and a mesmerizing island atmosphere.

Attractions & Things to Do in Gytheio

Port of Gytheio

Port of the picturesque coastal town serves the connection to Kythira, Antikythira, & Crete (Kissamos), but can also host bigger cruise ships.

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A picture of the Seafront Promenade & Port of Gytheio.
photo: Luu

Port & Promenade of Gytheio

Walking on the waterfront where the neoclassical mansions and the view of the Laconic Gulf, compose an aristocratic atmosphere.

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A close up picture showing the Town Hall of Gytheio.
photo: Albtalkourtaki at German Wikipedia

Town Hall of Gytheio

Neoclassical, officially preserved building that dominates the seafront and was erected in 1891 designed by the famous architect Ernst Ziller.

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Cultural Center (Old Girl's-school) of Gytheio

Neoclassical building of 1986 designed by Ernst Ziller that serves as a cultural center since 2016.

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Tzannetakis Tower, Cranae Island

Well preserved fort erected by the governor of Mani Tzannetaki Grigoraki in 1829 on Cranae serves today as the Ethnological Museum of Mani.

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A picture showing the Lighthouse of Gytheio on Cranae Island.
photo: Alehins / CC BY 2.0

Lighthouse of Gytheio, Cranae Island

A 23 meters-hight white marble lighthouse built in 1873 at the love refuge of Paris and Beautiful Helen.

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A picture showing the remains of the Ancient Theater of Gytheio.
photo: Maesi64

Ancient Theater of Gytheio

Roman monument of the 2nd century AD located at the foothills of the ancient city acropolis excavated initially, already from 1891.

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Questions & Answers about Gytheio

Why Visit Gytheio?
  • According to the geographer Pausanias, Gytheio means literally "Land of Gods".
  • Tourist destination with great beaches, nice food, and picturesque architecture.
  • Famous for the production of oranges, olives, & the finest extra virgin olive oil.