Megalo Chorio, Evrytania

Settlement near Karpenisi (15.1km ≈ approx.)

In the heart of the Eyritania, this traditional settlement has an amazing cuisine, clean mountain air, and an otherworldly beauty when it snows.

At an altitude of 720 meters above the sea level and approximately 13 kilometers from Karpenisi, is located the Megalo Chorio (big village). It is built on the foothills of mount Kaliakouda and is surrounded by wild nature.

Its old mansions are built according to traditional architecture, the streets are narrow and there are running water springs almost everywhere, creating a great atmosphere. Actually all this scenery makes Megalo Chorio an ideal destination for people who pursue a few days of relaxation at a beautiful mountainous village.

During the War of the Greek Independence against the Turks, several battles took place at the hills around the village. Visitors and even locals are highly recommended to stopover the Folklore museum, the church of St. Paraskevi as well as St. Athanasios, which offers a great view.

One of the distinctive customs of the village takes place in the afternoon of the Epiphany eve when men go out and sing the Carols. On the next day, with the money they gather from the Carols, they host a traditional feast to which everyone is invited.

About Megalo Chorio, Evrytania

Last updated: 24 Jul 2020

address Megalo Chorio, 361 00, Greece