Korischades, Evrytania

Karpenisi Settlement

Just 10 minutes from Karpenisi, in this traditional village you can get an impression of how the area's mountainous settlements look like.

It's a small village with traditional architecture, only 5 kilometers southwest of Karpenisi. It stands for its incredible natural landscape surrounded by fir trees.

Korischades played an important role in the history of modern Greece as it was the place where the first council of free Greece took place on 14 May 1944. Thus, an important site of the village is the Museum of National Resistance (a term used to describe the fight of Greeks against Nazi Germany in World War II). It is housed in the building of the old preliminary school, that was built in 1901.

Two of the most beautiful attractions of the village are the traditional mansions and the church of St Athanasios, erected in 1865. During the last decades, the village developed great tourist infrastructure in order to attract those guests who wish to enjoy some relaxing moments among a breathtaking natural landscape.

About Korischades, Evrytania

Last updated: 24 Sep 2020

address Korischades, Karpenisi, 361 00, Greece