«Panta Vrechei» Gorge

Experience near Karpenisi (25.2km ≈ approx.)

In Greece for adventure? This river has cinematic sceneries and a pristine nature. Here you can go canyoning, via ferrata, and rafting.

It is one of the most beautiful sights of Evritania, although getting there during summer is quite difficult and almost unreachable during winter. Starting from Karpenisi and following a route of narrow country roads, the visitor has to walk in the shallow waters (river trekking) for 2,5 km and approximately 35 minutes until reaching "Panta Vrehei". It is always good to have a second pair of trekking shoes as well as a towel and a swimming suit.

"Panta Vrehei" is not a typical gorge, it is just the narrowest spot of Krikelopotamos, between the mountains of Kaliakouda and Platanaki. This impressive gorge is 80 meters wide at the spot where the waters of Kaliakouda create waterfalls in order to join Krikeliotis river.

The falling water has eroded the rock, creating adverse slopes. The idyllic scenery is completed with many small lakes and green hanging moss. Being one of the wildest and also most pristine regions of Europe stands for its challenging trail and passages but at the end of the day, it offers incredible views and unforgettable sceneries.

About «Panta Vrechei» Gorge

Last updated: 24 Jul 2020

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