Lake Kremasta

Experience between Karpenisi and Arta

The Kremasta Lake is an artificial one - born by the construction of a hydroelectric dam. It's beauty is still magnificent.

A picture of the Kremasta Lake with its small islands  as well as the surrounding mountains.
photo: Agnee / CC BY 2.0

Kremaston lake is located between Aitoloakarnania and Evritania prefecture and it is the largest artificial lake in Greece. The hydroelectric dam was constructed in 1965 and the lake was created with the water of rivers Acheloos, Agrafiotis, Tavropos, and Trikeriotis. While the major target of the Kremasta dam project was to electrify the country of Greece during the '60s.

The total area the lake covers is 81 square kilometers and the total water volume is 4.750.000.000 cubic meters. When the dam was finished and the water of the rivers started creating the lake, many villages, bridges, churches, and every monument that was there, were ended up below the surface of the lake forever.

Amongst them was the Byzantine temple of the Virgin Mary, built in the 8th century. The frescoes of the temple were removed from the church and today they are hosted in the National Museum in Athens.

The green-blue waters together with the small islands of the lake create an exotic landscape ideal for excursions and activities like canoe-kayak, rafting as well as hiking. That scenery attracts many visitors who chose to spend some days in the surrounding villages, taste local dishes in tavernas and overnight at the beautiful hotels of the area.

About Lake Kremasta

Last updated: 24 Jul 2020