Velouchi Ski Center / Resort

Karpenisi Experience

Among the oldest Ski Resorts in Greece, it is well-known for its snow quality and endurance that usually extends the skiing season. Check before you visit.

Karpenisi has one of the oldest and most well-equipped ski resorts in Greece. It is located 284 kilometers away from Athens, 368 kilometers away from Thessaloniki, and only 12 kilometers from Karpenisi.

The resort started operating in 1978 by private initiative. The location of the resort is called "Diavolotopos" (the place of Devil) at an altitude of 1840 meters. It includes 10 slopes of different difficulty levels and 7 lifts with the ability to serve approximately 5.000 people per hour. While the visitor can find shops for renting ski equipment, tutors for amateurs as well as a medical center for emergencies.

Probably the highlight of the Ski Resort is its chalet where the guest has the opportunity to sit and enjoy a coffee or a meal.

About Velouchi Ski Center / Resort

Last updated: 24 Jul 2020

address Velouchi, Karpenisi, 361 00, Greece