Galani Beach of Nestos River

Experience near Xanthi (17.1km ≈ approx.)

The fifth biggest river of Greece springs from Bulgaria, flows by Xanthi, and expels into the Thracian Sea. Indulge yourself in its pristine nature.

A picture of Nestos river flowing between the mountains and the lush vegetation of Thracian nature.
photo: Papatrexas

The Nestos river is among one of the 5 biggest rivers in Greece while at the same time is the physical border between the geographical entities of Thrace and Macedonia. It is located twelve kilometers outside the city center of Xanthi and it provides an extraordinary landscape to every visitor.

The lush green banks of the river and the steep rocks form a unique scenery. And undoubtedly the lack of human and city noises make it an ideal destination for relaxation. In the whole area, there are traditional villages hiking paths and different spots that are worth exploring on foot. For those who are extreme sports fans, there are clubs that organize climbing on the cliffs or have equipment for canoe-kayak.

Just 1 kilometer east of Nestos is located the village of Toxotes which has one of the most picturesque railway stations of Greece. Near the village of Galani, someone can find the small church of Prtofitis Ilias, from which the view of the river is impeccable. After the village Galani, the road leads you to the banks of the river where there are many traditional wooden huts built on the sand of river.

About Galani Beach of Nestos River

Last updated: 21 Jul 2020

address Galani, Topeiros, 671 00, Greece