Xanthi Old-Town Festival

Xanthi Festival

Event in the first week of September that signifies that summer came to an end, and spreads a distinguished festive atmosphere in the town.

The Old-City Festival of Xanthi has become without any doubt a major event and a tradition for the whole city and the broader area. The first festivities were organized in 1991 as an initiative of the major of the city (Filippos Amiridis) and from that time they became an integral part of the city yearly tradition.

During the festival period that lasts for one week, there are numerous theatrical plays, painting events, as well as acts of performers. Various cultural associations and groups organize events of folklore and traditional local dances with a focus on the region. Plenty of shows and exhibitions cover all aspects of literature, arts, and music offering to the guests, multifaceted entertainment.

The traditional narrow streets and the old buildings of the Old Town merge with the live music and the dances and create a unique atmosphere that characterizes the festivities. Visitors have definitely the opportunity to taste local foods, wine, as well as tsipouro and take part actively in the organised events.

About Xanthi Old-Town Festival

Last updated: 4 Oct 2020

address Mitropoleos Square, Xanthi, 671 00, Greece