Monastery of Panagia Archangeliotissa

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A historical and religious landmark that houses an ecclesiastical museum. It's located in a peaceful location in the woods. It celebrates on August 15.

The region of Xanthi was always known for the religious tradition and the ecclesiastical art and architecture. Among the most important monasteries, there are those of Virgin Mary Archageliotissa, Virgin Mary Kalamou, Moni Taxiarchon, and St. Nikolaos.

The Monastery of Virgin Mary Archageliotissa is located close to the city of Xanthi in the north-east area and on a hill 160 meters above the sea level. The current buildings of the monastery date from 1841 when they were constructed after the earthquake of 1829, but there is concrete evidence that the monastery exists from the 11th century since the holy altar dates from that period.

The church of the monastery is dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary and celebrates on the 15th of August. Today the monastery hosts male monks and the visitor can find the Ecclesiastical Museum of Xanthi there. The museum includes an exhibition with interesting artifacts from churches and monasteries of Xanthi and regions nearby.

About Monastery of Panagia Archangeliotissa

Last updated: 4 Oct 2020