Xanthi Carnival Festival

Xanthi Festival

During these festive days, the town's streets are filled with fun and disguised people. It's the second biggest carnival in Greece.

A carnival float surrounded by visitors passes through the roads of Xanthi.
photo: taver / CC BY-ND 2.0

Over the last decades the Carnival celebration of Xanthi became the most important festival in North Greece and one of the greatest of the country. Until the 50's the celebrations of the Carnival had a more traditional character and people were participating in events dressed up as animals, in the same way as people used to do in ancient Greece.

In 1966 the local tourism office organized the "Thracian Carnival Festivities" and from that time the event was expanding in terms of participants and visitors. Over the years modern characteristics were added to the celebrations. Younger people, as well as visitors and the imagination of all participants, created a different and very interesting atmosphere.

During the Carnival period the central square of the city is always full of people. It is the absolute meeting spot where countless visitors and locals, dance and have fun dressed in spectacular clothes. The highlight of the celebrations is the great carnival parade which ends with the burning of "Tzaros" and thousands of fireworks.

About Xanthi Carnival Festival

Last updated: 21 Jul 2020

address Central Square, Xanthi, 671 00, Greece