Thessaloniki Things to Do

A city of promenades, markets, art stages, sports, and squares with some of Greece's best restaurants. Fantastic nightlife. You won't get bored here.

Thessaloniki Things to Do


Zeitenlik Graveyard

In the Zeitenlik Graveyard lay 20,000 tombs of Serbian, French, British, Italian, Russian, Bulgarian and Greek soldiers from WWI.


Waterfront of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki's waterfront lends the city its sea-breeze feel and sometimes a view of Olympus. Open and alive, it is a local favorite.


OTE Tower

The distinctive shape of the Telecommunications tower catches the eye. Ideal for a coffee with panoramic view from the top deck.


Concert Hall of Thessaloniki

At the Thessaloniki Concert Hall you enjoy concerts and other high-quality performances, less often opera, and also exhibitions.


Vlatadon Monastery

You can appreciate ancient hagiography in the partly restored Vlatadon monastery of the 13th century and visit the garden and the peacocks.


Seih Sou Forest

Thessaloniki's forest was planted in 1920s with mostly foreign tree species. Locals' favorite escape from city's buzz into a serene environment.


Royal Theatre

A theater with a costume exhibition, a small library, and a rooftop art café-bar suitable for taking pictures of the White Tower and the port.


Cruise Bars

This pirate boat will cruise you around Thessaloniki's gulf. With bubbles or a beer in hand, enjoy a different view on the city.

Thousands of PAOK fans hold up black and white banners and a huge football t-shirt.
photo: Salonica84

Toumba Stadium

Home of PAOK, the team of Greek refugees from Istanbul. It has 29000 seats filled by fervent fans who go crazy when their team scores. A real spectacle.


Kleanthis Vikelidis Stadium

The home of Aris FC has 27000 seats. Do not miss the chance to watch a game. The fans are friendly and famous for giving breathtaking shows.

An aerial view of the Exhibition Centre and other buildings downtown Thessaloniki. Nick Galis Hall is a round building.
photo: PD

Nick Galis Hall

If there's a big basketball match while you're visiting, do not miss it. We promise you, it will be a memorable experience full of energy and passion.


Lazaristes Monastery Cultural Center

Lazaristes has an excellent space for concerts, theater and dance performances. They also host exhibitions. Check for an agenda on their website.

A half-full amphitheater with a choir and children on a lit stage during night.
photo: Erud / CC BY 3.0

Forest Theatre

Thessaloniki's Forest Theatre is self-explanatory. It stands on a hill with view over the city. It also hosts concerts. Parking space is an issue, so go early.


Open Air Cinema Natalie

Locals consider it an ideal place to bring your date. The Summer Cinema Natalie has the best movies under the stars.

Colorful truck parts made into a bar and restaurant under a colorful shelter and all that on gravel.
photo: Archisearch

Food Truck Park SKG

There is nothing similar to the Food Truck Park SKG in the whole city. Open-air bar and burger restaurant in a residential area. Simply genius!


Shopping Mall «Mediterranean Cosmos»

Among the biggest Greek malls with shopping, food, entertainment, and playground, Mediterranean Cosmos is a convenient, all-in-one place.

Children enjoy six colourful waterslides that lead into a pool.
photo: FB: Waterland

Waterland WaterPark

Kids cherish Waterland for its waterslides and pools. Surprise! It has a zoo with camels, llamas, racoons, and other animals too.


Kalochori Lagoon

Kalochori Lagoon is a strange place that marries wetlands with industrial warehouses. Nonetheless, a remarkable walk watching flamingos and other birds.


Pasha’s Gardens

At Pasha’s Gardens, you walk or picnic among the mysterious ruins of an Ottoman park, the origins of which are shrouded in urban legends.



"When you're short on your dough, you can stay there, and I'm sure you will find many ways to have a good time. It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A!"


Bit Bazaar

Do not leave Thessaloniki without having dinner in Bit Bazaar. A lively atmosphere where table discussions mix with traditional songs.


Kapani Market

Kapani is a food market with fish, seafood, and also fresh vegetables and cheeses. Here you get the original market experience of downtown Thessalonians.

The main entrance and the kiosk that sells tickets at the Petralona cave of Halkidiki.
distant ≈ 48.3km
temp. closed

Petralona Cave (Red Stones)

An impressive cave where the skull of a Homo heidelbergensis was found dating from between 300,000 and 700,000 years ago.


Sofouli Theater

Sofouli is a cute small-stage theater focusing on children plays and also operates seminars and amateur classes.


Summer Cinema Ellinis

One of the finest outdoor cinemas, open only during summertime. The sky above Cinema Ellinis is covered by the Telecommunications Tower.


Modiano Market

Modiano is a covered market in the Louloudadika district. Enjoy a walk through this lively place full of fresh-food stands and shops.

A bicycle tied on the deck of a ferry boat to Peraia & Neoi Epivates with wooden parts - some painted in blue.

Waterbus to Peraia & Neoi Epivates

Frequent ferry boats connect Thessaloniki's waterfront promenade with Perea and Neoi Epivates. A far more enjoyable way to travel to the beach than a car trip.


Regency Casino Thessaloniki

Fancy some poker and roulette, or maybe slots? The Regency Casino of Thessaloniki is shiny and glamorous. Good luck!


Old (Upper) Town of Thessaloniki

Untouched by the Great Fire of 1917, Ano Poli (Upper Town) has an idyllic atmosphere and the another-era feel. You want to stroll around here.


Food in Thessaloniki

A journey of flavors in a city that revered food throughout centuries and developed rich gastronomic traditions, culture, and arts.


Shopping in the City Center of Thessaloniki

In these buzzing streets you will run across every kind of shop and marketplace as well as street musicians, food peddlers, bars and cafés.


Ladadika - Port's Historic District

A remarkable plaza with many restaurants, bars and live-music clubs for you to have a blast. Excellent feel - good for lunch too.