Waterfront of Thessaloniki

« Paralia »

Point of interest in Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia

The spot that offers to Thessaloniki the major characteristic of a coastline city and attracts thousands of people on a daily basis.

One of the most important characteristics of the city of Thessaloniki is the beautiful and very expanded seafront. It is one of the most photographed spots of the city and is used by tourists and locals as an ideal place for a relaxing promenade, a short run, or just an after-work walk.

The first step towards the current shape of the seafront took place in 1959 after the demolition of numerous open-air cafés and taverns as well as the extensive landfill of the coastline. This project transformed the seafront into a promenade-friendy area until the very important and extensive regeneration that took place between 2006 and 2008. This reconstruction transformed totally the seaside promenade in terms of contemporary design and architectural trends.

A potential walk can start from the port of the city and reach the White Tower, or even further, to the statue of Alexander the Great and the park of Nea Paralia (New Seafront) where someone can find lakes, flowers, and benches. A further promenade leads you to the famous Opera House where there tennis and basketball courts.

Many tourists and locals embark on small ships docked near the White Tower which are transformed into cafeterias and every hour make a full round in Thermaikos Gulf. This gives the opportunity to the guest to see Thessaloniki from a totally different angle. While sometimes, if the horizon is clear a breathtaking view of Mount Olympus is possible either from the ship or while drinking a coffee or beer in one of the numerous cafeterias on Nikis Avenue.

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Last Update: 16 Dec 2020
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