Galatista, Polygyros Halkidiki

Settlement between Polygyros and Nea Kalikratia

Picturesque village with old-style stone architecture and a Byzantine tower. A fantastic place to relax and stroll around in the beautiful streets.

Galatista is a village built on the slopes of Chortiatis mountain, 39 kilometers from Thessaloniki, and 28 kilometers from Polygyros.

Archaeologists situate the ancient city of Anthemous to a little lower altitude than the contemporary settlement of Galatista while they believe that Anthemous is the city that was ruling the region. The city was part of the kingdom of Macedonia while king Amyntas tried to give it as a gift to the tyrant Ippias of Athens but he refused the offer.

The village is mentioned in hand scripts from the Byzantine era but also during the Ottoman Empire. The settlement was abandoned in 1821 after it was totally destroyed by the Turks. Some years later in 1854, it was the battlefield between Greeks and Turks, where 65 Turks were killed. After that, the inhabitants started to return gradually.

Galatista is a very beautiful village, with narrow streets, old houses, and very old churches. It is famous for the numerous interesting customs such as the "Celebration of Camel" that takes place every year on 6 January as well as the "wedding of Manio" that follows the next day. Also, on 17th August, on the day of the celebration of St Agapios there is a big fair that is taking place at the village.

About Galatista, Polygyros Halkidiki

Last updated: 16 Sep 2020

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