Statue of Alexander the Great

Point of interest in Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia

A city trademark that represents the greatest of the Macedonian kings and is an integral part of the seaside promenade of Thessaloniki.

The statue of Alexander the Great is situated at the seaside promenade of Thessaloniki. It represents the Macedonian king Alexander the Great riding Voukefalas, the horse that accompanied the general on his campaigns for 20 years. The statue was sculptured by the artist Evangelos Moustakas. It is made out of bronze while the final part of the construction process took place at the workshops of "Renzo Michelucci" in Pistoia, Italy.

The inauguration of the statue took place in 1974 and today is placed on a 5-meters high pedestal made out of dark-colored marble that comes from Melissochori of Thessaloniki. The statue itself weighs 4 tons and is 6 meters high. Furthermore, some meters west of the statue someone can distinguish an embossed representation of the "Battle of Issus" where Alexander the Great won the Persian king Darius lll at the battlefield.

The area that surrounds the statue is covered with white marble from Veria and serves as a meeting and exercising point for the skateboard lovers of Thessaloniki. This characteristic together with the fact that everyone that chooses to have a promenade at the seafront of Thessaloniki passes by the statue, makes the area a lively and busy spot.

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Last Update: 4 Aug 2020
address Alexander the Great Garden, Thessaloniki 546 21, Greece