Thessaloniki Attractions

Thessaloniki has a few ancient Roman monuments, but it's mostly known for a dozen or more Byzantine churches, some of which are in an exceptional state.

Thessaloniki Attractions

A brick-built Byzantine church with a few arched windows among blocks of apartments.
hidden gem

Church of the Virgin Mary Acheiropoietos

Built in the place of an ancient Temple of Venus, the Church of the Virgin Mary Acheiropoietos has the finest columns and mosaic floors.

The front part, including a part of the yard, and the main entrance of the church of St. Demetrius.
must visit

Church of Saint Demetrius

It's worth visiting the cathedral of Thessaloniki's patron, St Demetrius. It is included in UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites.


Byzantine Church of St. Panteleimon

St. Panteleimon is a Byzantine church still in use. A piece of living history surviving on Egnatia, a busy street. Worth a short visit, if you come across it.

The statue of Alexander the Great with skaters in front of it and the sea in the background.
hidden gem

«Alexander the Great» Statue

The city takes pride in its ancient history, and in particular its Macedonian heritage. Alexander's statue attracts tourists and skaters.


White Tower

Thessaloniki's trademark, the White Tower, was built by Eastern Romans, turned into a prison by the Ottomans, and into a museum by the Greeks.


Hagia Sophia of Thessaloniki

For more than 1300 years, Hagia Sophia of Thessaloniki has been attracting believers. It has excellent mosaics and a heavy but elegant architecture.


Zongolopoulos Umbrellas

A urban-environment contemporary art piece decorates the seafront promenade. Enjoy a long walk and you will encounter Zongolopoulos Umbrellas.


Byzantine Church of Panagia Chalkeon

A small oasis of history, the Byzantine Church of Panagia Chalkeon is in the heart of a small park. Certainly get inside for a spiritual break.


Aristotelous Square

Thessaloniki's showcase square is a place for coffee, dining, and shopping, often with an exceptional sunset. Start or finish your walk here.


Arch of Galerius

Today, the favorite meeting point of young Thessalonians, Kamara - the Arch - was built to celebrate Roman victory over Sassanid Persians.


Rotonda of Galerius

Galerius would-be mausoleum, the Roman Rotunda was finally turned into a church and a mosque. A place steeped in history and arts.


Eptapyrgio Fortification

The impressive Byzantine fortification has a small promenade offering panoramic views over Thessaloniki, and fantastic tavernas nearby.


Roman Agora of Thessaloniki

The Roman Forum (Agora) was Thessalonica's administrative heart. A cryptoporticus, an odeum/council room, and baths have been excavated.


Villa Bianca

A century ago, the wealthy quartier of Thessaloniki was full of houses like Villa Bianca. Today, it is a fabulous bar-restaurant.


Navarinou Square

The ancient square and walkway in the heart of Thessaloniki's Roman complex is alive with students hanging around, especially at night.


Statue of Eleftherios Venizelos

The statue honors the great 20th century politician who played a key role in Greece's modernization and expansion. The statue is part of a huge square.


Bey Hamam

Built in 1444 by Ottomans, the Bey Hamam is today an exhibition hall. It's visit-worthy for its well-preserved state and interesting architecture.