Thessaloniki Museums

Children will love Noesis tech museum and you should not miss the archeological one where ancient Macedonia's treasures are on display.

Thessaloniki Museums


Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

The modern house of Ancient Macedonia, the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki has so many interesting exhibits. Not to be missed.


Museum of the Macedonian Struggle

As the Ottoman Empire was slowly collapsing, competing nations strived to capture pieces of Macedonia. The Museum of the Macedonian Struggle tells their story.

A fighter jet pilot on the screen of the simulator room and seats thrusting forward.
photo: NOESIS / CC BY-SA 3.0

Noesis Science Museum

A fun place with tons of educational experiences. Science exhibitions, a dome screen room, a cosmotheater, a simulator, and a planetarium. Anything else?

A guy's head that look like it's cut appears in a plate on a table.
photo: tiqets

Museum of Illusions Thessaloniki

The Museum of Illusions of Thessaloniki uses geometry and illusions to create scenes for unforgettable pictures that you want to share on social media.


War Museum of Thessaloniki

In the last century, Thessaloniki went through two world wars, two Balkan wars, and civil strife. Learn more in the War Museum of Thessaloniki.


MOMus - Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

House of many impressive exhibitions on topics as diverse as COVID's impact on city life, identity in psychology, and urban landscape.


Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation A.U.TH.

The Teloglion Foundation is a fantastic cultural space with curious exhibits, impressive presentation, and several artistic events.


Museum of Byzantine Culture

Probably the biggest Byzantine museum in the world, it hosts a difficult-to-find and complete exhibition of the Eastern Roman Empire through time.


Thessaloniki Olympic Museum

The Thessaloniki Olympic Museum is an exposé on Olympic Games with exceptional educational programs. A rare-to-find place. Don't miss it.


MOMus - Museum of Contemporary Art

A great contemporary art collection with pieces from Greece and beyond. If you are a contemporary art fan, this place is for you.


Atatürk Museum

The Father of modern Turkey, Kemal Atatürk, was born in this traditional house which is today a museum and the Turkish Consulate of Thessaloniki.

A brick-built building with black steel pillars and an old water pump part in the front.
photo: EYATH

Water Museum EYATH S.A.

In the Water Enterprise's Museum, you explore Thessaloniki's centuries-old water supply system. Interesting to gain an understanding how cities work.

An old train control building with tiled roof in the open-air train park of the Thessaloniki Railway Museum.
photo: K. Krallis

Thessaloniki Railway Museum

An open-air museum for train enthusiasts and trainspotters provided by people that worked in and love trains. Old locomotives and train network development.


Thessaloniki History Center

Thessaloniki History Center is a public library that every now and then hosts exhibitions. Unfortunately, nothing is in English.


Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki

This extraordinary museum narrates the story of Thessaloniki's Jewish community and demonstrates, like no other, the city's multicultural character.


Folk & Ethnological Museum of Macedonia - Thrace

In the Folk and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia and Thrace, you roam around everyday life items from the past. It hosts temporary exhibitions too.