Mount Ipsarion

Thasos Experience

The highest mountain of Thasos has pristine nature, including ponds and small waterfalls. Enjoy the way up on foot or by car and the breath-taking views.

The mountain of Ipsario is the largest mountain of Thasos with a peak at 1204 meters (3360 feet) above sea level. It covers the biggest part of the island (almost 70% of the whole area) and offers to the island its special identity.

It is a mountain that is characterized for its natural diversity where its forests host pine trees (mainly black pine), plane and chest trees, and of course olive oil trees. Herbs like oregano, mint, and sedge offer special fragrances to the environment. While a great number of springs and streams can be found almost everywhere.

There are many hiking trails that lead the potential hiker to the mountain top, while a mountain refuge can work as an overnight shelter for the visitors. This structure is located just 2-3 km (1.5-2 miles) from the top, while it is mandatory for every guest to ask for and obtain the keys from the mountain club or the municipality.

Finally, it is almost needless to point out that the view from the top as well as from the mountain paths is spectacular and gives the opportunity to the hiker to admire the wide blue Aegean and the closest coasts like this of Mount Athos or even under special weather circumstances Turkey.

About Mount Ipsarion

Last updated: 5 Sep 2020

address Thasos, 640 02, Greece
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  • Thasos Port ≈ 9.2km
  • Prinos Thasos Port ≈ 11.2km
  • Keramoti Port ≈ 19.8km