Giola Lagoon

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Natural pool, a rare geological formation, with blue-green water. Legend has it that Zeus made it for Aphrodite to enjoy swimming in calm waters.

Thasos besides the great number of sandy beaches has coasts with rocky terrain as well. Sometimes this fact can have as a result beautiful formations, such as the lagoon of Giola. It is a geological phenomenon where seawater is trapped in a "pool" that was created and exists among the surrounding rocks. The water of this "natural pool" is warmer than the sea and this makes swimming and diving a very pleasant experience.

The lagoon is between Limenaria and village Astris. In order to reach Giola (or Gkiola), someone has to leave Limenaria and head to the village of Astris. Approximately 100 meters after the hotel Gases, there is a sign written: "to Sirens". This road is unpaved but in decent condition. After 2-3 kilometers (1,5-2 miles) the visitors leave the car or motorbike in an open space and they descend straight down from the cliffs to the sea. There, there are arrows on the rocks that show the way.

The Lagoon of Giola covers an area for 15x20 meters but it is visited by thousands of tourists each year. An excursion here due to the distance, the road condition, and the walking distance (at the final part) can be characterized as quite a decision. But in the end, the breathtaking landscape and the unique experience of swimming in the blue-green waters is an absolute compensation for everyone!

About Giola Lagoon

Last updated: 5 Sep 2020

address Alyki, Thasos, 640 02, Greece