Potamia, Thasos

Thasos Settlement

Built at the foot of Ypsario mountain, Potamia has a mountainous lifestyle meaning stone-built architecture and excellent food.

Potamia is one of the most beautiful villages of Thasos. It is built on the slopes of Mount Ypsario, the tallest mountain of Thassos. The settlement is located on the east part of the island and its distance from Limenas, the central town of Thasos, is approximately 10 kilometers. While the beach of the village is at the coast on a distance of 3.5 km and is called Skala Potamias.

Potamia retains its traditional and picturesque character since a very big number of its houses are made of stone. The vegetation of the surrounding mountains builds up an extraordinary landscape which during the winter came become even more beautiful with the potential of snow!

The village hosts restaurants and the Museum of Greek-American sculptor Polygnotos Vagis, who was born in Potamia and chose to leave many of his pieces of art to be exhibited in his hometown.

About Potamia, Thasos

Last updated: 24 Aug 2020

address Potamia, Thasos, 640 04, Greece
nearby transportation
  • Thasos Port ≈ 10.2km
  • Prinos Thasos Port ≈ 19km