Local Products & Flavors of Syros

Syros Experience

Among the island's quality products, are the "loukoumi" of Syros (jelly candy), the halva pies (tahini), and the San Michali cheese.

The geographical location of Syros and its particularly important port, made the island a crossroads of civilizations. This fact is evident in the local cuisine of the island, which can easily be described as multinational. It is no a coincidence that the first cookbook in Greece was published here, shortly after the Revolution of 1821.

What can someone taste on Syros island?

Among the recipes that dominate the taverns and restaurants of the island, Syros stands out for:

  • the goat meat with capers
  • the octopus with vinegar and sun-dried tomatoes
  • the fennel pie
  • the "strapatsada" (tomato omelet)
  • the fish with dried capers
  • and the "Koumbeba of Syros with plums

In addition to the traditional cuisine, Syros is famous for the excellent quality of local products, such as "San Michali" cheese. It is a a hard yellow cheese made from cow milk that is a bit reminiscent and it is a bit similar to the Italian parmesan.

The pastry-making of Syros

Syros is also well-known for its pastry-making. Its traditional Turkish delight has been produced on the island for over 100 years, while its recipe has its roots in Asia Minor. Also very famous is the halva pie, a mass of meringue, sugar, honey, and many almonds, between two biscuits that are thinner slices of bread similar to the unleavened bread at Holy Communion of the Catholic Church.

Syros island wines

Finally, the island is famous for its wines, since some rare grape varieties are cultivated here, such as the red varieties "proniko", "romeiko", "armeletousa" and the white varieties "augustiatis" and "katsano".

About Local Products & Flavors of Syros

Last updated: 27 Apr 2021

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