Ano Syros (Medieval Old Town)

Syros Settlement

Τhe Venetians built their town on top of a hill around 1200. A walk around will enchant you. Don't miss a visit to the Catholic Church of St George.

On the hill of Agios Georgios that dominates Ermoupolis, is built the medieval city of Ano (Upper) Syros, which is inhabited mainly by the Catholic community. It is a unique residential complex consisting of small houses attached to each other in a circular pattern. The street and architectural plan played a role, similar to the defensive walls against the pirate raids, since the narrow and uphill cobbled streets with the infinite branches literally created a labyrinth.

The only street that is wide enough, is the central one the so-called "Piatsa" where still someone can find all the shops, bars, and cafes of the area.

What is there in Ano (Upper) Syros?

At the highest point of the hill is located the Cathedral of Agios Georgios which offers an excellent panoramic view of Ermoupolis and the port of the island. Next to the church is the Historical Archive of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syros, with relics and rare manuscripts of the 16th century, while this building once housed the Theological School.

Some additional indicative sights of Ano Syros are:

  • the Museum of Folk Art
  • the Capuchin monastery with the church of Agios Ioannis of 1635
  • the Jesuit monastery with the church of Panagia tou Karmilos built in 1740

In general, the settlement has a diffuse medieval atmosphere that enchants the visitor. Another feature of Ano Syros is that there are no vehicles in the neighborhood since the streets are very narrow and there are stairs everywhere.

About Ano Syros (Medieval Old Town)

Last updated: 28 Apr 2021

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