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The first Greek electric car was built in 1973 and it's housed here. Unfortunately, there are no exhibit explanations in languages other than Greek.

The rich industrial heritage of Ermoupolis was the main reason for the creation of this very interesting museum that opened its doors in 2000. It is located in the center of Ermoupolis and is housed in four different buildings that once constituted the industry of the city.

In addition to the main exhibition at the Katsimantis Paint Factory, parts of the museum are housed in the Kornilakis Tannery, the Anairousi bullet Factory, and the Velissaropoulos Textile Factory.

What do the exhibitions of the Industrial Museum of Ermoupolis include?

Among the exhibits are tools, equipment, and machinery of the industrial period related to sectors such as bakery, textile, tannery, typography, mechanical engineering, and glassmaking. There is also a digital archive of workers' testimonies, maps, drawings, a 3D illustration of industrial buildings and finds from the famous Patrice shipwreck.

The permanent exhibition of the museum includes 307 rare exhibits of the industrial heritage of Ermoupolis with maps and images from the end of the 17th to the middle of the 20th century, architectural and urban plans for the creation of the neoclassical Ermoupolis, ship models and paintings by Syrian painters.

The Industrial Museum also houses a library and a workshop for the old machinery restoration.

About Industrial Museum of Ermoupolis

Last updated: 28 Apr 2021

address Geor. Papandreou 11, Ermoupoli, Syros, 841 00, Greece
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